7 Little Things That Will Always Turn Guys Off

Before we get into this post, let me just say that you should never change your lifestyle to adhere to a dude. Sure, love is great, hooking up is fun, but you still don’t want to change yourself or your personality for a guy. That being said, there are some things that you might not realize turn a guy off, especially when you’re trying to flirt. Again, turning a guy off isn’t the WORST thing in the world, but when it happens to someone you really like, it can kind of suck, and I don’t want you to go through that.

I recently came across a new study that asked guys what their top turn offs were when it came to dating. The answers were actually pretty surprising. Some of these things you can’t really help, but other things you might find yourself doing. Yes, you shouldn’t change yourself for a guy, but no, maybe you shouldn’t talk about your ex on your first date either. If you have been wondering why your crush might not be super into you, check out these little things that will always turn a guy off.

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