7 Steamy Shower Sex Positions To Try ASAP

At this point in your sex life, you might be looking for some more unique ways to get it on. Sure, you’ve done it in your bedroom, maybe you’ve even done it in the closet (I won’t judge!) but you really want to try something different. As we get closer to winter and the weather gets cooler, you might want to consider getting it on in a more ~steamy~ way. So, why not try it in the shower? See what I did there? Ha! Anyway, back to the good stuff.

Shower sex isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s definitley worth it if you and your bae want to try something new. It’s steamy and ~hot~ which is a perfect way for you and bae to have fun. It is a little bit dangerous, you know, since it’s all slippery and what not. But, once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. If you need some help finding some sex positions to try in the shower, check these out.

Standing Sex

This is a good "basic" shower sex position that you and your bae will enjoy. Stand against a wall (be careful- it will be slippery!) and have your bae stand behind you. You'll want to be extra cautious not to slip, but I think you can do it.


Super Soaker

You're going to want an adjustable shower head for this one. Have your bae stand in front of you and hold your leg as you direct the shower head down there. It will be fun for BOTH of you!



If you're a little clumsy, this is the position for you. I know the shower can get slippery, so a kneeling position is a good way to ensure you won't fall. If you have a bathmat, be sure to put that down so that your knees don't get hurt.


Water Work It

If you're more into oral sex, try this one out! Kneel down and give your partner a bow job, while you are aiming the shower head down on you. This way, you both get to have some fun, without having to balance in the shower.


Rub A Dub

If actual penis-in-vagina sex is too much for you try the rub a dub which is literally you just masturbating with your partner. It's fun and ~intimate~ and the water from the shower will give off the illusion that you're under some sort of tropical waterfall.


Standing Doggy

If you want to try something a little more complicated, why not do a standing doggy pose? Note, this can be pretty tricky, so be careful! Start out with your bae standing behind you, then bend over and have them hold onto your hips. See if you can keep your balance on the wall and get it on!


Girl On Top

I do not recommend this if you're going to do it in a public shower in a dorm or something. Those are NOT clean. If you have a private, clean bathroom, then you can try this one out. Have your partner sit on the floor of the shower and you sit on top, getting it on right under the water from the shower.


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