Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Boobs?

Alright girls, let’s chat about boobs. Maybe you have big boobs, or small boobs, or not really any boobs at all. All of these are fine, of course. But if you have boobs, you’re going to want to know at least something about them. I mean, they literally sit on your body for your entire life, just hanging out (no pun intended) so it would be pretty important for you to know what’s going on there.


I know that boobs can be a little scary, but the more you know about them, the less scary they really are. I, for one, was really effing scared of getting boobs because, let’s face it, they are weird. But the more I learned about boobs the better I felt about the fact that I would actually have some one day. I know, it sounds weird, but just trust me, okay? You’re going to want to know as much about your body as you can. Start out by taking this quiz and seeing how much you REALLY know about boobs. Good luck!

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