15 Cool White Ink Tattoos That Will Help You Stand Out

If you are like most people in the world, at some point or another, you have considered getting a tattoo. It could be a tiny tattoo to make you seem more mature, it could be a big, full-on piece that covers the entirety of your back and arms, or it could be something in between. And these are all great! But, perhaps, you are interested in getting a tattoo that’s a little different from the ones you’ve been seeing around. If so, you should consider getting a white ink tattoo.

A white ink tattoo is basically exactly what it sounds like–a tattoo made with white ink. This means that it’s not quite as noticeable as a traditional tattoo made with darker ink, so it’s easier to disguise for school or work (or from your parents, tbh), but can still be used to create cool, unique designs that aren’t achieved as easily with regular tattoos. So, if you think you might want to invest in a white ink tattoo, check out these awesome ones that will help give you some inspiration:

1. White ink is perfect for placing right under the ear:

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2. Or on the wrists:



3. Or on the hands. Put ’em wherever you want!

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4. If you’re going for something a little more dramatic, you can go for one that mixes a white ink tattoo with a traditional ink tat:



5. It can serve as a highlight or a way to make another tattoo look more intense:



6. Want to feel a wintry spirit all year round? Try getting something like this snowflake tattoo:


7. This is spooky! But cool!!!


8. Also spooky and cool!



9. And this white ink tattoo that mimics surf spray is…amazing:

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10. This lace-inspired design is gorgeous, right?

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11. You can do a stick-and-poke, too:



12. This fish is adorable!



13. White ink is also a great option if you want to get something that feels special to you written on your body:

Healed with few touch up. #whiteinktattoo #santanatattoo appointment santanaappts@gmail.com

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14. You can also get something super simple and subtle, like this white dot:


15. Anyway. White ink tattoos are cool! You should think about getting one:

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