8 Ways To Not Be Nervous For Your First Kiss

When it comes to intimate moments where you’re thisclose to your crush and/or SO, it’s understandable to be nervous. And the nerves are only heightened when it’s the first time you’re doing it. Think about the first time you kiss someone, the first time that you give a handjob, or the first time you get it on.

I’m getting ahead of myself here, and I’m going to bring it back to your first kiss. If you’re dreaming and/or preparing for the first time you look lips, you’re probably stressing about the ~*big kiss,*~ right? It’s understandable, but I want you to take a deep breath and relax because stressing about it won’t make the kiss enjoyable. And kissing is supposed to be enjoyable AF.

So, try to get in a zen state of mind and take a look at eight tips that will help you be less nervous for your first kiss. Pucker up!

Try Not To Overthink It

I know this is a lot easier said that done. Given the fact that you're here, it probably means that you've been thinking about the first kiss already. A lot. It can be helpful to read about tips and tricks, but if you start obsessing about it, it can just lead to more stress. You know when you think about something and you build it up to be this really big thing, when it really isn't? Don't do that here because it will impact the moment you do lock lips. It's supposed to be enjoyable!

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Remember That The Other Person Is Feeling The Same Way

Remember that there are two of you in this situation. No matter how experienced the other person is, he/she is probably feeling the same way. That's what happens when you're attracted to someone and you're standing with your noses touching. Your crush/SO might know show it, but trust me he/she is feeling the same way.

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Put It Into Perspective

I know that you think your first kiss is a big deal. It's a relationship milestone and you want it to have all of the fireworks, passion, and perfection of the ultimate romantic movie. Stop right there. A first kiss can be a memorable experience, but it's likely that there are other first kisses so don't sweat it if it isn't as you hoped. And chances are if you feel something for the person you're smooching, you will have lots of other opportunities to get things right. Hello.

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Have A Laugh

I bet you're taking this kissing thing super seriously which is probably why you're reading this. So, I want you to stop and have a laugh. You can go watch a funny movie, hang out with your friends, or just think about how you have spent more time focusing on this kiss than your chemistry test. If you can find other humorous parts about kissing, think of them.

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Compare It To Other Things

Is your first kiss as big as graduating high school? Is your first kiss going to be as big as getting a college degree or your first job? You might think so, but it might not be. Don't get be wrong, first kisses can still be pretty special moments, but there are also times when people don't even remember their first kisses. They could have better ones they had later.

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Focus On Something Else

As difficult as it may be, I want you to switch your mind from kissing to something else. Anything. You don't want your head swirling around and around about any one topic for an extended period of time as it will drive you crazy. Go out and do something that will take your mind off it. Go see a friend, watch a movie, go shopping. Just let life run its course.

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Try Practicing For It

The rule about how practice makes perfect applies to a lot of things in life. It will definitely apply to your and your partner's kissing skills over time when you get comfortable with each other. If you want to get some practice in before your first kiss, you can copy all of the throwback teen shows and kiss your hand or even your pillow. If you're comfortable and you have a willing friend, he/she might even give you some pointers.

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Avoid Reading Kiss Stories

I can get sucked into the vacuum of reading about kiss stories, too. But, reading good or bad ones is going to do you no favors. Why? The bad ones will just make you unnecessarily nervous and you'll start imagining things happening to you that are very, very unlikely. Reading good kissing stories isn't much better because you'll feel added pressure to have some *epic* kiss.

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Are you stressing about your first kiss? Let us know in the comments!

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