13 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Create With The Help Of A Cool Beret

So, Halloween is about a week away now. Are you ready? Because…I’m not. I just finalized my costume idea the other day, and since then I’ve been frantically looking up stores that might have the elements I need to pull this costume off. Last minute Halloween costumes can be a serious pain, especially if you only have a vague idea of what you want to wear. So if you’re unable to dedicate a lot of time and money to create some big, elaborate costume, your best bet is to base a costume off of something super simple. Think, a black dress you have hanging in your closet, or a white button down. Or…a beret? Yeah, a beret.

Berets might not be a part of everyone’s wardrobe, but they’re simple to find and usually pretty damn cheap. That’s what makes them the perfect secret weapon for Halloween costume inspiration when you can’t think of anything. Think of all the awesome fictional characters and real life figures who rocked a beret to perfection. You’re probably thinking of a few already, right? Why not spend your Halloween dressed up as one of the folks you have in mind? If you’re blanking, I’m here to help: Check out these 13 Halloween costumes you can create with the help of a beret. From Doug‘s Judie Funnie, to Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom, to a mime, this list should help get your creative juices flowing.

Suzy Bishop From 'Moonrise Kingdom'

I turn into the heart eyes emoji whenever I see this costume, seriously. You can rock it solo or with a partner who will dress up as Sam. Anyway, for Suzy's look you'll want a pink or maroon beret, though red will work in a pinch. Next, find a long sleeved pink dress (thrift stores are full of them), preferably with a light colored collar; but you can also just use a detachable color, too, if you have one. The only other things you need are white knee socks! A pair of binoculars will really pull the look together.


Judy Funnie From 'Doug'

Um, who didn't low key want to be Judy from Doug? She was the ultimate cool weirdo older sister. For this look, you need a purple beret, a purple sleeveless dress, a black top, sunglasses, and boots. If you want to go the extra mile, you can rock a red bob, but that's not necessary; the rest of the outfit speaks for itself.

fluffyfoxphotography @ Instagram

Poet Girl From 'A Goofy Movie'

Does this chick even have a name? I don't know, but she sure left an impression on just about anyone who watched A Goofy Movie back in the day. With a black turtleneck, fitted black pants, some black makeup on your nose (for the dog look), and--of course--a black beret, you're squared away with a look that anyone worth caring about will recognize.

kieraplease @ Instagram


Just throw on a black beret with a black and white striped top and go ham on your face makeup. To really get the mime look, make your face super white with either face paint or powder you don't mind using in high quantities. Next, wear a ton of black eye makeup and draw some cool shapes underneath your bottom eye lid. Oh, and practice some mime moves I guess?

nemahirshad @ Instagram

Vintage Girl Scout

If you're obsessed with vintage looks, you'll love this old school girl scout costume. You need a green beret and a green dress; though a green skirt with a white blouse will work, too. If you were a former girl scout or you have a friend who was, ask to borrow her sash for the night. Easy peasy!

krystalalexis @ Instagram

Black Panther Party Member

If you're black and you're looking for a really easy costume to put together, why not dress as a Black Panther Party member? This would especially be a great look if you're actually interested in race issues and leftist politics. Make some people woke on Halloween night, sis! For this look, you need a black beret and any type of black top and pants. If you have a leather jacket and sunglasses, you'll really pull the look together. And if you have any Angela Davis books at your house (or at your local/school library), you're golden.



Honestly, this is probably one of the simplest costumes you can throw together. For the most stereotypical beatnick look, just wear a black beret, a long sleeved black top (preferably a turtleneck), and black pants with black shoes. Done! Carry around a book by a beat writer like Jack Karouac or Alan Ginsburg for a little extra flair. You could also go a more unique route and pair a beret with a traditional '60s skirt and sweater combo with long socks; it'll be more colorful and a little less obvious, but still a killer look.



I mean, if you're going to dress up as any culture, the most non-offensive one to rock is a French person; or, more specifically, a Parisian. Just throw on any color beret with a black and white horizontal striped top and either a skirt or pants and you're solid. Bonus points if you rock a fake cigarette and a snooty disposition.


Max From 'Rushmore'

Show off your pretentious indie movie cred by dressing up as Max from the cult classic movie, Rushmore. Just grab a red beret with a white button down, a blazer, and a striped tie. Done! Oh, throwing on some glasses will help pull the look together too.


Cammy From Street Fighter

If you're into video games, you can use a beret to rock the same look as Cammy from Street Fighter. If you have a green bathing suit lying around (you might be able to get one on sale, given the fact that it's fall), or a green turtleneck tank top and short shorts, you're already halfway there. Throw on a red beret, red gloves, and rock your hair in two braids, and voila, you've got the look!

msraecosplay @ Instagram

Debbie Harry From Blondie

Debbie Harry from Blondie wore berets all the time. To dress up as her, the beret is really secondary to your makeup (go heavy on the eyeliner, lipstick, and blush) and clothes (aim for anything punky and distressed). And don't make your hair too neat and proper: Debbie's hair was always a little messy!

angelatoronto @ Instagram

Bonnie From 'Bonnie And Clyde'

Unfortunately, this look is best complimented with a partner who will be the Clyde to your Bonnie. For this costume, you'll want a beige, white, or tan colored beret, a midi skirt, a blouse, and a silk scarf to wrap around your neck. Rock a toy gun too as long as it is very clearly fake.

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