7 Weird Sex Facts You Never Knew

Let’s be honest for a second and talk about how weird sex REALLY is. I mean…of course it’s fun and exciting, but it can also be effing strange. You’re putting body parts into other body parts, producing random liquids, and having orgasms. It’s a lot to handle. Of course, none of these things are bad, but we can all agree that sex is weird, right?

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about some other weird things that can happen because of sex. I know you might not want to know these things, but getting to know your body and what it can do is pretty important, especially when it comes to sex. You probably don’t realize how much sex can ACTUALLY affect your life, or what it can say about your personality. It’s okay, I’m here to tell you these seven weird sex facts that I’m sure you never knew, so that you can be a certified Sexpert. 

More Sex Might Make You Rich

This is very weird but also very interesting. According to a study done by Anglia Ruskin University, people how have sex more (four times a week) tend to make more money than people who don't have frequent sex. I have no idea how this possibly works but, hey, that's pretty cool.

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The More Orgasms You Have, The Longer You Live

Supposedly, if you have multiple orgasms per sex session, you are going to live longer than someone who has just one orgasm during sex. So, yes, Nicki Minaj was right, you can and should ~demand~ more orgasms during sex.

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People Who Are Into BDSM Might Be Healthier

This is a little unexpected, but still cool! According to a study, people who are into BDSM might actually be more psychologically healthy than others. The study found that people who like BDSM tend to be more extroverted and less neurotic than people who were into non-BDSM sex. So, if you're into that, don't ever let anyone make you think you're weird, since you're probably a lot more healthy than they are!

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The Vagina Can Expand... A Lot

I'm sure you know that vaginas can expand during sex, but did you know how much? On average, your vagina is three to four inches. When you are aroused, then can be expanded up to 200 percent. That's a LOT of space, and if a dude ever tells you that he's "too big" for you, let him know that that is NOT the case.

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Nipple Orgasms DO Exist

They might be rare, but having a "breastgasm" aka an orgasm in your nipples does happen. It's not super common, so if you don't get them, don't stress too much. But it IS possible, and if you want to try it, go for it.

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Shaving Can Increase Your Risk Of An STI

This sucks, but it's important to know! If you prefer to shave down there, than you should know that it can increase your chances of a STI. Public hair is actually really important when it comes tot protecting your vagina and keeping out bacteria, even though it might just seem like another annoying perk of having a vagina.

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Sleeping After Sex Is Pretty Normal

I know that it seems to be "offensive" when guys fall asleep after sex, but it's actually not really their fault. I know you might want to cuddle or talk, but when guys have an orgasm, it activates a part of their brain that makes them sleepy. So, I promise you that you're not boring your partner to sleep- their brain just really want to shut off after sex.

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