15 Couples Costume Ideas That Are Actually Really Cute

With Halloween fast approaching, chances are good that you’re scrambling–just a little!–to get your costume in order. And, as you have probably already noticed, you have a lot of options–you could try a hair color-specific costume, a funny costume, or a TV show-inspired costume.

But maybe you want to wear a matching costume. And not just with, like, some rando, obviously–with your lover. If that is the case, you probably need some ~inspiration~. And, luckily for you, the good people on Twitter have some, um, inspired suggestions that will be sure to work for you and your significant other. Well, as long as you’re both into Vine. So, check out these couples Halloween costumes that are actually super cute:

1. Take, for example, this one:


2. And this one:


3. Nice:


4. Amazing:




6. Wow:


7. Heh:


8. It doesn’t *have* to be Vine-inspired, of course:


9. Right in front of my salad?


10. Hehehe:


11. This is…beautiful:


12. !!!!! my heart:


13. Bye!


14. Adorable:


15. Don’t have an S.O. to dress up with? Don’t worry. You still have options:

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