8 Of The Worst Things About Having Boobs

I’m sure anyone with boobs can attest to the fact that boobs sort of suck. Sure, they are important when it comes to breastfeeding (if you choose to have kids and do that later in life), and they might be fun to play around with when you’re having sex (you do you!), but mostly, boobs are just straight-up annoying. 

When you think about it, they are just these hanging sacks on your body, which can get pretty effing annoying.  Of course, I know it’s important to ~embrace~ the idea of boobs and not feel ashamed of them, But there are certain things about boobs that are so frustrating, we can’t help but complain about them. And, IMO, the best place to complain is the internet, of course. A recent Reddit thread asked women and people with boobs to talk about the most annoying or frustrating things about having boobs. And there are obviously a lot! If you have boobs, see if you can relate to the worst things about having boobs. 

Wearing Button Ups

I never realized how much of an issue this was until I actually wore a button up and my life was RUINED. As Chazlevy said, "Button up shirts are difficult - gaping holes." The way buttons are placed on button up shirts makes zero sense. There is always a little gap left at your cleavage, and it sucks.

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PMS Pain

Boob pain sucks, but pre-period boob pain is the WORST. As hatcheling said, "The week before my period they turn into hyper sensitive chest mines that will hurt like a motherf*cker if touched or not contained. Any type of motion will set them off."

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Unfortunately, most people with boobs are harassed all the time. Limegreenbunny said, "apparently a worryingly large number of men feel that my having big boobs means I want to have them groped. That happened more times than I care to remember. It was utterly humiliating every time." It's not fair that people think that just having boobs means that we want them to be touched. Spoiler alert: we don't.

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Boob Sweat

Yep, one of the worst parts about having boobs in the warmer months has to be the sweat. As Life_in_absentia said, "Boob sweat" is one of the worst parts about having boobs, no matter what size they are. It sucks!

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Bra Shopping

Honestly, bras are an investment. As rach6319 said, "Bras are expensive," which makes buying bras a whole process. It's not like a t-shirt where you can just run to the store and grab one. You nee to research which size and style is the best for you, and that can get expensive, especially if you want a nice one that won't fall apart!

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They Get In The Way

Boobs are annoying in so many ways, but they are also just inconvenient. Sparkly-pinecones said, "They get in the way. You can't run anywhere without wearing a reinforced bra. Sleeping on your stomach is harder because you may be crushing your breasts and it hurts. Wearing button up shirts is next to impossible because while it may fit around your waist, it'll burst open around your chest. I've given up on them and I just wear sweaters, hoodies or t-shirts."

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This is a small but still annoying AF thing that most of us have to deal with. Emthejedichic said, "I constantly get crumbs and grains of rice down my boobs. It's annoying."

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In addition to bras being expensive, they are also super uncomfortable. Ladybous09 said, "Underwire. It's supposed to be there for support and comfort, yet it just wants to stab you in the back. Some friend that is."

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