9 Costumes That Are Easy To Create With Your School Uniform

Halloween is all fun and games until you actually have to throw your outfit together, which can cost a lot of time, money, and last minute stress. I would know, because that has been my reality for far too many Halloweens over the years. I try to throw together a costume based on the clothes I already have in my closet, but it’s not as easy as people make it seem. I’m always missing some makeup or an accessory, or I have the right style shirt in the wrong color, etc. It always requires me to buy more items to supplement my look, and it’s a total pain in the ass. But while it’s hard for many of us to just grab a top and some pants out of our closet and transform into our favorite movie character, there are some folks who get pretty damn close: People who have to wear a school uniform.

If you have a school uniform in your closet, congrats, it takes you, like, two seconds to get ready for school and you can dress up as a recognizable and beloved fictional character for Halloween in a jiffy too. Ugh, you’re lucky. With a few slight adjustments–changing your hair, throwing on a leather jacket, etc–you can be Halloween ready incredibly quickly. If you need some inspo, check out these nine Halloween costumes you can create with a school uniform. Whether you went to a school that required uniforms or you just happen to have a skirt and a button down handy, you’ll want to consider these options this year.


Serena and Blair From 'Gossip Girl'

Dress up as your favorite dysfunctional friends with a friend that you don't actually have a dysfunctional relationship with. If you're going as Serena, rock a simple skirt and white button down number with a long tie; for Blair, rock a shorter tie and either a yellow headband or a headband with a bow on top to really make it clear who you are.

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Rory Gilmore

If you have a uniform that leans blue in color scheme, you'll be a perfect Rory. Have fun with layers with this look; a smart blue blazer will tie the look together really well (plus, it'll keep you warm on a cold October night). Go with a friend so you two can go as Rory and Paris!

rainietheultimateginge @ Instagram

Hogwarts Student

Sure, you can buy some official Harry Potter merch, complete with robes, house adjacent tie and sweater, etc...or you can just take the easy way out and rock a dark mini skirt with a white button down and rock a stick that can act as your wand. If you have access to a red, yellow, blue, or green tie, that'll help pull the costume together even more, however.

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Mia Thermopolis From 'The Princess Diaries'

To go for a super authentic take on the uniforms from The Princess Diaries, go with blue tones: Blue skirt, light blue button down, and a blue tie. But if you don't have those colors on hand, no worries: As long as you make your hair look super curly and messy and throw on some glasses, people will have a good idea as to who you're supposed to be.

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The Craft

Dressing up as one of the girls from The Craft (like ringleader Nancy Downs, as portrayed here) is a way to have a LOT of fun with your uniform. Pair with edgy accents like leather jackets or trench coats, combat boots, and chokers. It also doesn't hurt to go heavy on the eyeliner, especially if you decide to go as Nancy.

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Britney Spears From The "Baby One More Time" Video

This is an instantly recognizable classic and it's super easy to pull together as long as you're okay showing a little bit of skin. Pair a dark mini skirt with a half unbuttoned white button down with a knot in the front. The pigtails is what really brings the look together, however; some big scrunchies will really make the look excel, especially if you have some puffy pink hair ties. Throw on a gray cardigan for an extra layer of authenticity, but the costume works without it.

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The Heathers

So, the girls from Heathers don't technically have to wear uniforms, but they might as well. They have the mini skirt and blouse combo down, they're just in different colors. If you can't find the perfect skirt color to match each heather, just rock whatever skirt you have with a button down and a blazer or sweater in either blue, green, red, or yellow.

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Anime Students

Whether you're trying to dress up as Sailor Moon characters or characters from some other anime/manga, you can try to get away with it with your school uniform and rocking your hair or makeup in a particular way. It'll be easier to understand if you rock this look with a friend or a group, however, so you don't just look like your costume is...wearing a teal colored wig.


Tracy Turnblad From 'Hairspray'

Tracy Turnbald doesn't technically wear a school uniform, but her most iconic look is very similar to one. A short sleeved white button down collared blouse with a skirt--preferably green and yellow toned--is all you need as far as clothes go. The real magic comes with the hair, which needs to be big and coiffed just so that people know who you're trying to be! You might want to consider just buying a wig, however, to make things easier...and to avoid using an entire can of hairspray.


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