How To Shave When You Have Sensitive Skin

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I have super sensitive, dry skin that gets irritated quickly. What are the best products to use for hair removal that won’t bother my skin?


Sensitive skin is common, and it can be tough to work with. Doing something as simple as shaving can make your skin freak out, so I can definitely see why you would want to prevent that. Luckily, there are a few ways to remove body hair without leaving yourself covered in irritated, itchy skin.

Make sure you have all the right tools. You’ll need a razor with a sharp blade, so if you haven’t changed it in a while, do that – the more dull the blade, the more susceptible you are to cuts and razor burn. Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, a New York City based dermatologist and clinical instructor at New York University and Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine, who also works with Schick, recommends the use of a gentle moisturizing shave gel. You definitely need that – you don’t want to use bar soap or anything that isn’t also hydrating. Lastly, pick a body lotion that is unscented and works for your skin for afterwards.

Before you start shaving, exfoliate the area gently. This removes dead skin cells, making the shaving easier. Just make sure you use something that isn’t too rough, as that could irritate sensitive skin. You might want to do a patch test on a small section of your arm first.

Once you start shaving, go slowly. Take your time with gentle strokes, don’t press down too hard, and use plenty of water. Going slowly will minimize cuts and nicks.

Once you’re done, rinse off the area, then immediately apply lotion to damp skin. Hydrating the skin is important! You might want to also use an ingrown hair serum to soothe any irritation.

Honestly, that’s really all you can do. Shaving shouldn’t produce too much irritation when done correctly. If you’re really experiencing a lot of problems, I’d suggest going to see a dermatologist for their recommendation.

Good luck!

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