20 Genius Last Minute DIY Couples Costume For An Inexpensive Halloween

It’s about that time in late October when you realize that, out of nowhere, it is almost Halloween, and you still haven’t picked out a costume. Despite the fact that you have spent weeks looking up clever DIY costume ideas on Pinterest and talking about what you could be with your friends, you still haven’t picked something to dress up as, let alone purchased anything. Suddenly, you’re in a panic, struggling to find something right that doesn’t involve ordering a specific item that won’t come in time, only to end up wearing cat ears. It gets even more complicated if you’re trying to find a couples costume, because now you have two people to worry about instead of just yourself.

I know the routine well, because every single year, my boyfriend and I end up at the mall hours before going out, looking for an easy last minute costume. It’s not fun! So, this year, I tried to think ahead for all of us. The below costumes are easy to put together, and most of them can be created with items you probably already have – or you can easily improvise and substitute some stuff. Whether it’s an hour before your party or the morning of, you guys can definitely pull off these last minute costumes. Thank me later!

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