7 Ways To Tell If Your Crush Has A Girlfriend

There are lots of important things to figure out about your crush, but the most important ones are does your crush like you back and does your crush have a girlfriend? The last one is very important because you don’t want to get your hopes up about having this go somewhere then be upset AF when you realize that your crush has a SO. Because if that’s the case, it’s absolutely not cool to still try and pursue a relationship.

If you want to find out whether your crush has a girlfriend, but you don’t want to come right out and ask, I get it. Asking your crush whether or not they have a girlfriend makes it pretty obvious that you’re interested in him. And if he says he’s attached, awkwardness can ensue no matter how much you try to play it off that you were just curious or you want to know…just because.

If you want to clear up your crush’s relationship status before you start envisioning you and your crush celebrating your six-month anniversary and brainstorming what your couple nickname will be, there are some clever ways to do it on the sly. Have a look at seven ways to tell if your crush has a girlfriend.

Ask Your Crush What His Plans Are

You know those people who always ask what you're doing tonight or what you're doing this weekend? Get inspired by them to ask your crush what his plans are. It's a good question because it's an easy conversation topic and your crush will likely have plans with a GF, if he has one, at some point. And if you find out your crush is single and doesn't have any plans, you have an in.

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Check His Social Media Profiles

Thank you technology for making it so much easier to find stuff about people. The easiest thing is to check your crush's Facebook relationship status. Just be aware that it could be old, intentionally inaccurate, or a joke. If that doesn't bring anything up, have a look at your crush's feeds and see if there are any #relationshipgoals photos or sweet shout outs.

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Get A Friend To Do It

If you don't feel comfortable asking your crush what his relationship status is, ask a willing friend to do it for you. Just make sure that you choose the right one. Your best girl friend might be willing, but it might be really obvious if she don't do it in the right way. If your crush and her are friends and chat frequently, it could work. Ideally, you could find a dude friend who knows your crush already to do it. Then he can bring it up in a casual way when they're talking about babes and all that boy stuff.

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Ask Indirect Questions

Okay, I get that you don't want to come right out and say, *Do you have a girlfriend?* but there are plenty of roundabout ways to find out the information. You could ask your crush what his longest relationship was, when was his last relationship, or what the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for him was? If those are still too obvious for you, ask about your crush's schedule or goals. That way if he has something going on with his GF, he will probably mention it. And chances are if he has a GF, he will definitely mention her.

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Invite Your Crush To Hang Out

This doesn't have to be as bold as you're thinking. I know the thought of asking your crush out on a date or to hang out one-on-one is a big move, especially if you're worried about being rejected because he has a GF. Therefore, keep it casual and ask your crush to hang out with a group of mutual friends, if you have them. If you're having a party, invite your crush along. If it's a group setting, your crush will probably ask to bring his GF or show up with her, if he has one. If he shows up solo, it's likely a good sign.

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Find Out Through Your Crush's Friends

You might not feel comfortable talking to your crush about his relationship status, but you might feel differently talking to his friends, especially if you already know them. If you're not buddies with them, look for any possible mutual acquaintances like his sister, the captain of the team he's on who hangs with your brother, your friend who works at the same place as him, etc. You've got a big contact list so use it to your advantage, sister.

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Check Dating Apps

A lot of people are on dating apps. If you're not, it might be worthwhile signing up for the big, free ones that narrow down matches by area to see if you can find your crush on there. If you don't want to put your own profile on there, you could create an undercover one or do your research on your friend's profile.

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Have you ever had a crush who had a girlfriend? Let us know in the comments!

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