20 Tumblr Posts On What You Wish Your Relationship Was Like

If you’re looking for relationship inspiration, I normally would not advise you to look on Tumblr. The site is mostly filled with relationship posts that could go one of two ways: incredibly unrealistic relationship goals that will give you sky-high expectations that will only disappoint you, or ridiculous dating memes that make very little sense and will probably make you feel as though you’re better off single forever. That said, there are some Tumblr posts out there that show relationship goals that are actually good. They are few and far between, but they’re there!

One thing that Tumblr users are really, really good at is pushing for confidence and self-sufficiency (even when they’re making jokes about sucking at life). Those are two qualities that are great to have when in a successful relationship, even if they’re two you don’t always think of when you think about a potential bae.  The below posts will make you laugh, but they will also show you what you really wish your relationship was like, or what you really want to look for in a future relationship… all with their own special brand of Tumblr flair. Rethink dating with these posts:

1. You want a partner who is always there for you:



2. But also a partner who can joke around with you in a playful way (because that’s more fun than gooey romantic stuff sometimes):



3. You want both of you to feel this way always:



4. And you definitely want these kinds of moments:



5. You’ll never allow your partner to act like this:



6. But you’ll love it if they act like this:



7. Your relationship daydreams go like this:



8. It might be corny but you kind of want to be this couple:



9. And you want to be kind of chill with each other even when you’re fighting:



10. These quality good morning texts can be included:



11. This is what you look forward to:



12. This pretty much sums it up:



13. You want your partner to KNOW these things:



14. Is this REALLY too much to ask for?



15. All you really want is someone to do this for you:



16. You look forward to days that include these:



17. You want to just be yourself around someone:



18. This sounds basically perfect:



19. As does this:



20. This is just… everything:


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