15 Little Things That Are Actually Much Better Than Sex

Whether you’ve had it or not, chances are good that you already know that sex is a pretty big deal. Or, at least, you probably know that you’re supposed to think it’s a big deal. After all, pretty much everything from hamburgers to clothing stores tend to be sexualized in our society, so it’s no surprise that many people feel primed to think that sex is the only thing that anyone should be working towards achieving.

And, to be fair, this isn’t totally wrong. Like, if you’re into it, and it’s the right time for you, and you’re having sex with the right person, sex is pretty cool. But all the hype also tends to make it feel a little underwhelming in the moment that it’s actually happening, especially if you’re not into it, it’s not the right time for you, and you’re not having sex with the right person. Plus, as you are about to learn, there are definitely some things that are way cooler than sex. So, check out these things that, actually, are much better than sex:

1. Actually being thanked when you do a kind deed for someone:


2. Drinking water with…electrolytes in it:


3. Having deep, passionate discussions with someone you care deeply about:


4. Actually getting the REM cycle you deserve:


5. FINALLY finding that one song you’ve been looking for for, like, forever:


6. Thinking up a great thesis statement for your research paper:


7. Watching Naruto:


8. Skipping that long-ass intro when you watch Shameless:


9. Getting your 8 AM class cancelled:


10. Especially if you get to sleep in with a FAN ON:


11. Listening to the greatest song of all time:


12. Using the sexiest thing of all–your turn signal:


13. Relaxing on a warm, toasty blanket:


14. Not interacting with your loved ones:


15. And, of course, the old standby:

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