15 Tiny Tattoos To Make You Seem Mature

I know the words “mature” and “tattoo” don’t really fit together, but stick with me for a minute. You might have this pre-conceived notion that everyone with a tattoo is some sort of “rebel.” I know I did, since my family was very anti-tattoo. I’m sure your parents have given you the “tattoos are irresponsible and you should never get one” talk, but if you think about it, tattoos can actually be a pretty “adult” thing to do. Obviously, if you’re getting Katy Perry’s face tattooed on your back, you might regret it eventually. But if you get a tiny and subtle tattoo with meaning, it is actually a pretty mature thing.

There are a bunch of tattoo ideas that will make you seem ~cool~ while still maintaining a grown up personality. After all, it’s a pretty mature thing to take control of your body and make your own decisions. If you find yourself wanting to get a tattoo but don’t want to seem like an immature teen with no self-control, you should check out these 15 tiny but cool tattoos that will still help you seem mature. 

1. Coffee is, of course, a super mature and adult thing to be obsessed with, which makes it a cute and easy tattoo subject:


2. A tiny, minimalist design like these arrows are a good look when it comes to mature tattoos:


3. A tiny and delicate flower is also a perfect option:


4. Arrows tend to symbolize the idea of looking forward into the future, which is a very “adult” concept:


5. A tiny, tiny heart is always a classic tattoo idea if you want something simple:


6. TBH, getting a tattoos to symbolize your love for your sister is actually super thoughtful and pretty:


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7. This math tattoo is so weirdly beautiful? And shows off how smart you are:


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8. A world map is also a ~cool~ tattoo idea:


9. A tiny, meaningful number is also a good look:


10. This lil book is also cute and a good way to show off your book loving side:


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11. These cute little star tattoos are a super subtle way to show off your ~creative~ side, without being too wild:


12. These semicolon tattoos might seem silly, but they are a huge symbol for mental health, which is super important:


13. Tiny little lines do a great job of giving off that cool “I have tattoos” vibe without going too over the top:


14. A plane shows that you like to travel and experience new, exiting things. Or maybe you just really like planes. I won’t judge:



15. Tiny mountains are a cute way to show off your love of nature:

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