13 DIY Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect For Brunettes

Still looking for a Halloween costume? If so, and you are feeling unmoved by the various creative options that have been offered to you, you can try to draw some inspiration from your roots. Your hair roots, that is. Particularly if those roots are brown.

Obviously, it is your right to go as whatever the heck you want this Halloween, regardless of your hair color. Even if you are a brunette, you are totally free to go as, like, Betty Cooper. Or Cheryl Blossom. Or Archie Andrews. (I’ve been watching a lot of Riverdale lately, if you can’t tell.) Still, there are a bunch of iconic and notable brown-haired characters and public figures that happen to make awesome Halloween costumes. So, check out these DIY Halloween costumes that are pretty much perfect for brunettes:

Veronica Lodge

Speaking of Riverdale! A great costume option for brunette girls is everyone's favorite former mean girl, Veronica Lodge. You can go with her school day look (AKA something black, A-line, and with a Peter Pan collar) or her after-school River Vixen cheerleading costume, like the one you see here.


Betty Boop

This one is fun! And, obviously, perfect for anyone with short, dark hair--all you need is a red dress, garter, and some vintage-inspired makeup.


Rory Gilmore

Got a school uniform (or plaid skirt) lying around? Pair it with a blazer, a book, and printed-out Chilton badge, and you'll be the perfect Rory Gilmore.


Wednesday and Morticia Addams

For a truly ~spooky~ brunette look, try going as Wednesday or Morticia Addams. Both options are equally iconic and recognizable, so you can't really go wrong either way.


Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's is a perfect last-minute costume for brunettes--all you need is a trench coat, a tiara (or sparkly headband), and a pair of sunglasses. A cat is encouraged, but not required.


Veronica Sawyer

You know, from Heathers. Just throw on a blue blazer, black skirt, muss up your hair, and you'll be good to go.


Wonder Woman

Are Wonder Woman-inspired costumes going to be all over the place this Halloween? Certainly. This, however, doesn't mean that you shouldn't try it too, if that's what your heart desires. All you need is a red top, blue leggings, blue jacket, and, of course, Wonder Woman's famous cuffs and headband.


Daria and Jane

Feeling sardonic and cynical? If so, grab your best friend and go as Daria and Jane from Daria. Chances are good that you have a lot of the costume's elements in your closet already, so you can probably throw it together pretty last minute, too.


Snow White

Obviously, you have a lot of options when it comes to Disney Princesses--like, for example, Snow White. All you need to put it together is a yellow skirt, blue top, red sweater, and red headband.



You can also try Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Grab a blue dress, long-sleeved white shirt, an apron, and you'll be all set.



You can also go as Mulan. See? So many Disney options.



This Moana costume is iconic, right? And it can be yours with the help of an orange tube top and blue necklace.


Blair Waldorf

Got a black skirt, a tie, and a blazer? If so, you can go as Gossip Girl's token brunette, Blair Waldorf.



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