7 Annoying Ways “Ugly” Girls Are Treated Differently

Before I start out this post, let me tell you that I don’t think you’re ugly. In fact, you are gorgeous (Taylor Swift said so herself). But, I know we all feel ugly sometimes. And it sucks when you are feeling ugly in a sea of attractive friends. Sometimes, you might have a bad night and feel like the ugly ducking of the group. It’s a crappy feeling, but I’m sure we can all relate. As much as it pains me to say, people who are conventionally attractive tend to get a lot more love than people considered “ugly.”

In a recent Reddit thread, user Somehowinvolved asked,”Attractive women with ugly friends, how does your ugly friend get treated different?” The answers were pretty upsetting. A lot of people (mostly dudes!) treat the non-attractive friend like crap. It sucks and is totally unfair. Especially since we are all ~queens~ who deserve the world. But, it is true that sometimes, girls who don’t look like Insta models are treated so poorly. If you have ever felt like the “ugly” friend, you might relate to these ways that ugly girls are treated. PS- if you’re ever treated like this, cut this person out of your life IMMEDIATELY.

People Care More About Attractive Girl's Hobbies

Enym said, "When I have hobbies that aren't typically feminine it's cool and people want to talk to me about it. When she has hobbies that aren't typically feminine people think it's weird and move the conversation on." This is awful, but true! When "ugly" girls like weird things, it's off-putting, but when "pretty" girls like weird things, it's quirky and cute.

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They Aren't Considered Girlfriend Material

Rampagaingkittens said, " I'm very familiar with the, 'Good enough to f*ck, but not good enough to date' type of guys. I'm with someone now, but if I was ever single again I wouldn't waste a minute of my time on these kinds of guys." This...sucks. Girls who aren't "attractive" are often used for sex and then ignored. It's awful. If you are ever treated this way, just know it's not your fault, and it's totally the guy who is being a jerk.

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They Are Ignored

UGH. If you are ever with your friend and a guy ignores them to talk to you, you should ignore that dude. Nohely303 said, "I am acknowledged more than she is. Men ask only me questions even if she's standing next to me. I always respond for us both but it's sad that she has to go through that."

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Guys Use Them To Get To The "Hot" Girls

Being used sucks SO much, especially when a guy is trying to get to your friend. Inkednurse said, "One of my best friends is LEAGUES more attractive than I am, and frankly, its usually the most attractive woman anywhere we go. I get used to guys trying to be 'friendly' with me to get an 'in' with her. "

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They Have To Protect The "Hot" Friend

Tawnirux said, "I've literally had to beat guys off my friend with sticks at the club." Sometimes, guys can be super creepy when they are attracted to someone, which makes them not know when to back off. That can mean that they "ugly" friend is left trying to save the "hot" friend, even though it's not really fair.

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They Are Seen As "Followers"

For some reason, attractive people are considered to be the "leaders" which is weird. BeardBirdsBooks said, "My best friend isn't 'ugly' but she is definitely very plain. When I'm with her people seem to assume that I'm the 'leader' so they always talk to me and listen to my opinions/input more than they do with her."

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They Get Made Fun Of

Number one rule: if you or your BFF is getting made fun of, you can and should tell that person to eff off. Terribleattitude said, "When I'm the attractive friend, people act like my friend doesn't exist. Or guys will actually insult her to me. Like they can't understand why I don't think their unsolicited comments about my own friend's weight, or glasses, or sense of style are clever and funny. "

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