12 Weird Things That Guys Think About Vaginas

When I was growing up, I was always taught that one was rarely, if ever, supposed to tell another person that their opinion was a bad one. Someone could have an interesting opinion, perhaps, or one that I “did not share,” or, if I was feeling particularly boisterous that day, one that was something I “did not care for.” But telling someone that they were flat-out wrong was rude, gauche, and, simply, not to be done.

To this day, this is something I have stuck with, and, for the most part, has treated me well. An opinion is an opinion, and, as long as it is not actively harmful or bigoted, I’m not generally going to try to change anyone’s.  But here’s the thing–It is a fact, not an opinion, that most cis guys don’t know one single thing about vaginas. And, if they are vocal in their ignorance, it’s totally cool to call them out on it. So, check out some of these, ahem, unique (i.e. “wrong” and, in many cases, “bad”) things that guys seem to think about vaginas:

1. That menstrual pain is a “myth:”

2. That “females” experience periods as “punishment from Eve:”

3. That splits can make a vagina look like…a ham sandwich:


4. And sex “loosens” the vagina, too:


5. Here’s the thing–it doesn’t. And, for the record, babies do come out of the same place that penises go in:

6. That the clitoris is “smaller than a grain of rice:”


7. And that giving a woman an orgasm is as easy as “flipping a switch:”


8. And all moisture in the vagina automatically signals arousal:


9. That having a menstrual period means that someone doesn’t know how to…”hold it:”

10. That having a vagina is the equivalent of having a “maze” inside the body:


11. Menstruating is “not healthy:”


12. And, finally, that people with vaginas need to blow dry them after penetrative sex:

Please don’t do that.

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