7 Signs You’ve Found Your Dream Man And Can’t Do Any Better

Let’s face it: a lot of us start a new relationship with a guy and automatically start thinking he’s “The One.” That’s the curse of the honeymoon period – everything is new, exciting, awesome, and wonderful, and we cling to the hope that the relationship will be like that forever. We assume we’ve found our dream man, that we’re about to settle down forever, and everything seems perfect.

But then reality sets in. You realize that time he flaked on your plans to go out with his friends wasn’t a one-off and is more of a habit. The fact that he only showers once a week now falls under “questionable personal hygiene” rather than “environmentally conscious” like you first told yourself. And that hippy-dippy lifestyle he has? Yeah, the real world calls that “unemployment” – and you’re tired of paying for every date because his bank account is always in the negatives.

The honeymoon phase is a sick joke life plays on you to make you think you’ve finally got it made. But you know what? It’s not all bad. Sometimes you do have it made and you don’t even realize it. Sometimes you’re actually right about this person being perfect for you! How do you know? You can start by checking out these signs that you’ve found your dream man:

He Pushes You

I’m not talking about pushing you off a cliff or shoving you into a locker, I’m talking about pushing you to be the best YOU that YOU can be. Does your boyfriend inspire you to do more with your life, or does he make you want to sit on the couch and eat Fritos for eight hours a day? Do you look at him and think “Wow, he makes me want to train for a marathon” or does he make you say “Whatever, I know for a fact he’s been wearing the same pair of boxers for two weeks straight so no matter what I’m doing I’m still above that” ? In case it isn’t clear, you want the former over the latter.

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You Don't Keep Score Anymore

Unlike in past relationships, you can no longer name the exact day, month and minute of every single time he did something to piss you off. Most of us “keep score” when our significant other does enough shitty things enough shitty times that we feel the need to keep a tally running for use in future arguments – and no, that’s not healthy. If you find yourself looking at the Big Picture™ rather than petty little arguments, chances are you’ve found a winner.

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Neither Of You Flake On Plans

I have an ex who would routinely try to cancel or re-schedule our plans because he found something else he’d rather be doing at the same time. I tried to be the “cool” girlfriend about it, but after being asked for the 100th time if we could cancel our date so he could keep tailgating with his friends, I realized he was a real sack of shit. But it goes both ways – you can’t be a flake either, ya dig? NEITHER of you can be flakes, and so until that happens it’s pretty safe to say that you can do better.

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He Does Little Things To Make Your Life Easer, Not Just Big Gestures

One of your boyfriend’s goals in life should be to make your life easier, not harder. Sure he went all-out for your birthday, but last week when you were dying from period cramps and you asked if he’d grab a box of tampons for you on the way home from work, did he say “Sure thing babe, do you want me to grab Motrin too?” or did he roll his eyes and say “Ugh, can’t you do that yourself later?” All guys are required to go big for holidays and other special events, but if he’s unwilling to go out of his way for you when it comes to the boring everyday stuff, go on and send him home.

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You Don't Shame Each Other For Trivial Things

My current boyfriend and I like to eat healthy and exercise every day, but every now and then he’ll say “Rebecca I wanna get naughty” and proceed to eat a gallon of ice cream. Instead of being like “Ew you fatass” and giving him disparaging looks, I laugh and tell him to “Do your worst.” In past relationships I wasn’t so nice – and neither were my exes to me. People are human and they have flaws, so why point them out when we already know they exist? Unless those flaws are becoming a legitimate problem (as in, if he has a drinking problem don’t giggle and pretend it’s cute), don’t hold them over his head and make sure he doesn’t hold them over yours either.

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He Makes Sure You Know He Appreciates You, And Vice-Versa

Maybe you like doing small favors for your boyfriend and would do them even if he never asked, but after a certain point you start to enjoy it less and less because he doesn’t seem grateful. That case of beer you picked up for him last week while he was at work? Those new socks you grabbed because all of his have holes in them? You’d think you’d get at least a “Thank you” for both, but instead he just chugged a Budweiser and cut a few holes into one of the new pairs so he could make a sock puppet. Whether it’s literally saying “I appreciate you and all the things you do,” or surprising you with dinner one night, if he truly is your dream man he’ll consistently take note of all the things you do and show you that he notices.

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You Find Each Other Attractive When You Are Both Objectively Gross

I don’t mean “gross” as in you’re both ugly, I mean “gross” as in “I just crushed eight plates of food at Golden Corral and need a C-section for this food baby before I explode.” And the same goes for him – even if he skipped the gym for an entire week you should still want to jump his bones at any and every minute. Sure you realize that his stomach isn’t as objectively tight as it was a month ago, but you don’t care. To you, he’s hot no matter what he does, and he feels the same way right back at you.

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