15 Killer Costumes That Prove Black Girls Own Halloween

When I was younger, I sometimes got the impression that, as a black girl, my Halloween costume options were limited. It’s like anytime I dressed up as a character or public figure who wasn’t black for Halloween, my costume description had to be prefaced with “black” for everyone. As if they would get too confused otherwise, or wonder why I dressed up as Baby Spice instead of Scary Spice. That sentiment didn’t stop me from dressing up as a black Draco Malfoy in high school, but still, the point is that black girls (or any other women of color) shouldn’t feel weird about dressing up as whoever they want to dress up as. There are so many awesome black characters to portray on Halloween, and there are tons of non-black characters that black girls should never hesitate to imitate either. Attention fellow black girls: We’re versatile AF. Society likes to put us in tight, compressed little boxes, but we’re effing chameleons, whether it’s with our hair, our clothes, our music, or…our Halloween costumes.

From Hermione Granger to Penny Proud and more, check out these 15 killer Halloween costumes that prove black girls run Halloween. Whether you dress up as a black character or not, you’ll get a ton of inspo that you’ll need to finally put together that last minute Halloween costume or to keep in the back of your mind for next year.

Garnet From 'Steven Universe'

Oh man, there are so many great Steven Universe characters to dress up as for Halloween, but one of the most striking ensembles has to be Garnet's, right? This can be especially enticing for those of you who have a whole lot of hair and want to incorporate your natural style into a costume.

blackwomenincostume @ Instagram

Hermione Granger From 'Harry Potter'

Long live black Hermione, guys. Embrace your hair's natural volume, throw on a white button down and a mini skirt, and you're already halfway there for a stellar Hermione Granger look for Halloween. If you have a gray sweater or a tie that comes in red, gold, or both, everyone will know who you are. But carry big ol' book with you just in case.

kieraplease @ Instagram


I cannot be the only one who is still shook by this girl's interpretation of It. Seriously, sis, don't be afraid to go creepy this Halloween. And if anything is creepy...it's clowns. You'll need a lot of face paint and makeup to pull this look off, but if you're a bit of a makeup expert, it could be well worth the effort.

chinthekid @ Instagram

Penny Proud

I'm Penny Proud, I'm cute and I'm loud, and I've got...it...goin' on. Okay, had to get that out because I had a serious flashback. I've seen so many Penny Proud outfits over the past few years, and it's easy to see why: It's low effort and super recognizable. As long as you cop a dark red skirt and cardigan with a white top and rock a couple of low pig tails, you're set.

brokebibi @ Instagram


Every Halloween I'm amped to see how many badass people decide to go with a Storm costume. I mean, she's the coolest of the X-Men, let's be real. Every Storm costume is different, but you can make things really simple by rocking a lycra bodysuit or bathing suit with a black robe or cape. The silver hair is a must, and if you can get some white contacts that are safe for your eyes? Everyone will know who you are instantly.

siriusdidnothingwrong @ Instagram

Dionne From 'Clueless'

Sure, you could go as Cher if you're so inclined, but Dionne's costume was a touch more over the top, so that's always fun to channel for Halloween. Plus, this is a great option if you're currently rocking some box braids and you want to make your costume tie in seamlessly with your hairstyle.

francheezy24_7 @ Instagram

Doc McStuffins

Yeah, sorry, I died of cuteness at this costume and am currently writing this post from the effing grave. A Doc McStuffins outfit is such a good look, especially since it doesn't require a ton of expensive costume supplies or clothing. You just need a hospital coat, a pink and purple outfit, and two low pigtails. Throw on a stethoscope and you're good: You'll remind your friends of some childhood memories and also be a favorite of any little kids you encounter on Halloween night (er, nothing wrong with trick-or-treating into your teens, dude).

projectprincessok @ Instagram

Numbuh 5

Listen, I barely even watched Codename: Kids Next Door, but I distinctly remember Numbuh 5. That's why it's so delightful (yes, delightful) to see so many young black women dressing up as her for Halloween and cosplay conventions! The look itself is very simple and largely just requires a blue sweatsuit (preferably with a white accent) and a red hat that covers much of your eyes. That's literally it.

lady_gohan@ Instagram

Scary Spice

You can be any Spice Girl you want, not just the black one. But let's not act like Scary Spice doesn't make for one of the most fun outfits. Rock your hair in its wildest curls or wear it in bantu knots or space buns. Pair with leopard/cheetah print anything and you're solid. Bonus points for platform shoes.

iantheism @ Instagram

The East Compton Clovers From 'Bring It On'

Yessss, the Clovers taught us about cultural appropriation before we even knew what the hell cultural appropriation even was. If you have a green pleated skirt, you can do a little DIY magic on a matching green top to get the results you're looking for for this East Compton Clovers cheerleading uniform. It might take some time (and a whole lot of hot glue), but the results will be worth it. Or, you can just cheat and buy a Clovers costume online. Either way, it's black girl excellence, hands down.


Wally From 'The Flash'

Not gonna lie, I rarely see a costume that's both gender and racebent, but here's a killer example of one that any fan of The Flash could appreciate. A costume like this would definitely require a lot of DIY tender love and care, but the result is obviously well worth it.

cutiepiesensei @ Instagram

Eliza And Debbie From 'The Wild Thornberrys'

I watched The Wild Thornberrys all the damn time as a kid, so it's so dope to see black girls dress up as a couple of the main characters from the show: Animal loving Eliza and her angsty AF older sister Debbie. For Eliza's look, you just need a red turtleneck paired with a yellow dress on top. Throw on binoculars and round glasses and you're golden. For Debbie, you need an orange tank top, baggy, distressed jeans, and a green toned flannel button up. Simple, right?

mynamesash_ @ Instagram

Marilyn Monroe

I don't see enough costumes of black women portraying old Hollywood icons. That's why I'm so in love with this Marilyn Monroe get up. Have some fun with wigs and glam dresses that you can get for surprisingly affordable prices at the right thrift stores; or, buy a new dress that has an old school vibe to it.

thouartanuli @ Instagram

Michonne From 'The Walking Dead'

If you're thinking of a look that's less cutesy and more badass, why not spend Halloween as Michonne from The Walking Dead? This will be especially enticing for those of you who have braids or dreads, because her character does too. Rock a tank top, jeans, and a big ol' faux sword and you're solid.

teshonnenicole @ Instagram

Jane Lane From 'Daria'

Sure, you could dress up as already dope black character from Daria--Jodie, she rules--but don't hesitate from dressing up as Daria or Jane (as we see here). What I love the most about this costume is how her textured hair is shaped to look like Jane's cartoonish triangular hairstyle.

blackwomenincostume @ Instagram

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