16 Unique DIY Halloween Group Costume Ideas Inspired By TV Shows

It might feel like October literally just began, but Halloween is actually right around the corner. If you haven’t figured out a solo costume to wear yet, maybe you should consider a group costume. It’s fun to get ready with all of your friends, or to meet up and go out and do something really clever together. It’s also a cool way to celebrate Halloween at school or work. There are lots of places to look at for ideas, but I love taking inspiration from television shows.

If you and your friends want to dress up together, your favorite shows probably offer up a whole bunch of cool characters and unique ideas. You don’t need to do the same group costumes you always see – you know, like the girls from Pretty Little Liars, or the Scooby Doo gang. There are so many shows out there and so many options. If you want to do something a little bit more creative, check out the ideas below. They can work whether you’re going to class, heading to a party, or getting wild and going out for the night. Check out these unique DIY group costume ideas inspired by television – just make sure to speak up quickly to get your favorite character!


Riverdale is one of this season's biggest shows, so why not honor it with a Halloween costume? It's super easy to go as Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Josie, because you probably own most of this stuff already.

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The Stranger Things Crew

Stranger Things is another one of the biggest shows of the season. It's definitely going to be a popular costume choice, but make yours a little more unique by going for a group theme. This one is Dustin, Eleven, I think Steve, and a (sad) dead Barb. There are tons of character options, but this is kind of a cute group idea!

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The Doug Crew

If you want to do something that feels more nostalgic, get some friends together and dress as the Doug crew. This is a fun one with wacky costumes and some cool makeup.


The A Team from Pretty Little Liars

I've seen a lot of Pretty Little Liars costume ideas that include all of the girls in black making "shh" motions, but I think this is a little more creative - it's the A team, including Red Coat. Cute, easy, comfortable!


Codename: Kids Next Door

I know next to nothing about this show and didn't even find this group costume myself - a coworker sent it to me - but I do know that it's super creative and very unique. If you want to stand out, go for it!


Bob's Burgers Group

Okay, this show is becoming more and more popular for Halloween costumes. Instead of just going as Tina, like everyone else, get your friends together and do all of the characters! It's more fun that way.

The Proud Family Group

How adorable and pure is this Proud Family group costume? It's ideal for a school group costume since it's simple and the outfits are all class appropriate.



If you're a fan of this television classic, then going as the four main characters will score you some major cool points. It's a really cute and fun idea, especially if you want to dress up with just your guy friends.


It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

A group costume based off of It's Always Sunny is another one that will score you major cool points no matter what. This show is hilarious and these costumes are on point.


Riverdale Characters

Still into the Riverdale idea the most? Here's another group costume idea. This one features Betty and Veronica in their cheerleading costumes, and Josie in her more mainstream leopard outfit. Still cute!


Rugrats Babies

Okay, yes, this costume is becoming just a little bit played out, but I still love it. Let's face it, Rugrats will never actually get old - it's too good.


One Tree Hill Couples

If you're doing a double date costume situation for Halloween, this One Tree Hill idea is perfect. The guys can be Nathan and Lucas, the girls can be Brooke and Peyton. Or, you know, whatever.


Gossip Girl Characters

If you and your friends go to private school and have some spare uniforms laying around, it will be super easy for all of you to dress up as Gossip Girl characters. Even if you don't have the uniforms laying around, it's still an easy costume to put together!


Spongebob Squarepants Characters

Okay, Spongebob character costumes are getting more and more popular by the year, but they're still fun - and personally, I think these costumes in particular are very cute. They're also pretty easy to put together, you just need to get a little creative.


American Horror Story: Coven

Here's an easy group costume idea that's a little creepy but also weirdly sexy (AKA perfect for Halloween) - the coven from American Horror Story. It's becoming a classic!


Orange Is The New Black Inmate

This is another easy idea... if you have tan scrubs or... prison outfits? I don't know. Anyway, dressing as the OITNBM cast is good for a really big group!


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19 Creative DIY Group Costume Ideas Inspired By Movies

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