7 Things You Should Never Say To Someone In Bed

When it comes to sex, and the act of, you know, doing it, I feel like it’s fair to say that most of us have at least a little bit of anxiety about the whole thing. This is normal! Sex is generally a complicated, intimate thing, so it’s pretty expected to feel some sort of uncertainty about it. Limbs can get tangled. Cramps develop. Things get weird!

And, if you are anything like me, you will also the constant, undying fear that you’re going to say something stupid–not just during sex, obviously, but during every single moment that you have ever been alive. Of course, most people’s feet end up in their mouths (not, uh, sexually) in the heat of the moment, so most things that you think are weird might not actually seem all that weird in the moment. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can just say anything when you’re hooking up with someone. There are definitely some things you can say that might kill the mood real fast–most of which are mentioned in this Reddit thread I found recently on the worst things that have ever been said in bed. So, check out these things that, if you know what’s good for you (and your partner), you should never, ever say in bed:


Anything That Invokes The Word Of God

luckycharms4life said that the worst thing anyone ever said to them in bed involves, um, the Bible. Understandably. After sex, their partner told them that "'The Bible says it's better to spill it in the belly of a whore than on a floor.' Cause he was 'Christian' having premarital sex. But we used a condom so... he was really dumb during a really weird stage in my life." So, uh, yeah. Don't do that?

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Ask If They've Had An Orgasm Yet

If you're having sex with someone, and you aren't sore if they've orgasmed yet, please don't ask over and over again if it's happened for them. It's not going to help. Or, as craziegraciie put it, "Nothing makes a girl want to cum more that asking her if she's close to cumming yet while putting in no effort whatsoever." Except, you know, not.

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Make Fun Of Their Body

Micro-morticia said, "A guy laughed at my body hair and went on about how unattractive it was. Not leg or armpit, which I had all probably shaved somewhat recently, but other areas (normal places for women to have a light amount of hair, but never appears in movies and magazines - and my hair is black, and thicker/more visible than average). He blurted out that I was hairy, said it was unattractive, literally laughed, scoffed 'how does that even happen?'... In the middle of sex." Yikes!!! If someone does that to you, just leave. You're under no obligation to stay.

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Break Up With Them In Bed

Mannersaresexy has, uh, a real doozy of a story. They said, "We were trying to go for PIV but it hurt soooo bad. He said, 'You're not wet enough.... this isn't going to work'" and I said something like 'well what about if we try....' and he was like 'no. I think we should break up.' He was my first BF and we were still naked." This shouldn't even have to be said, but don't break up with someone if your first time having sex with them isn't exactly great! You can try another position. Or some more foreplay. Or just take a little break. You have options!

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Talk About Race

Don't bring up race, like, for no reason when you're having sex with someone. It makes people feel like they're being fetishized and, as a result, not feel great about having sex with you. Trynabone said, "This guy said he'd never had sex with a black girl before...He definitely never had sex with this one again." Good!

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Tell Them To Keep Clothes On

Spacyy said that someone once told them, "'Keep your shirt on. You look better that way.' It wasn't cute. I was skinnyfat and aware of it. It was a jab at my insecurities. So it ended a two year relationship." That wouldn't be cute no matter what you look like! So, if someone tells you something like this, it's another example of a time when it's totally cool to just...leave.

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Quote Memes

kingkillacam said, "My current GF was giving me the most wonderful blowjob I had ever received, but something made me say, 'Now this is podracing!'" Heh. Now, I love a good Anakin Skywalker meme as much as the next girl, but you can never be certain that someone will feel the same way. So, use this line with caution.

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