8 Signs Someone Is In Love With You

If you thought that figuring out whether your crush was interested in you was difficult, you will probably realize that seemed like a walk in the park compared to trying to decipher when your SO is in love with you.

It might initially seem like it would be clear whether bae loves you or not considering you’ve already figured out that your SO does in fact have feelings for you. However, it can be difficult to pick up on the differences between liking someone, being really into someone, and love. If you think that you’re in love with bae and you’re wondering whether he/she feels the same way about you, look for these signs. Even if you’re not quite at the love stage yourself, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for them. Heck, even if you’re single, you will want to be aware of them for the future. Here are eight signs that someone is in love with you.

Their Eyes Have So Much Emotion

You might stare at bae's eyes when you're about to kiss, but have you ever really examined them? You don't even need to be about to makeout. If you see lots of loving emotion in your SO's eyes when he/she looks at you, that's a good sign. Furthermore, do you ever find bae just staring at you in a non-creepy way with eyes that look like you can see his/her soul? That's some good stuff right there.

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Their Plans Are About The Two Of You

Making plans so the two of you can go out for burgers is one thing. However, when your SO talks about the future and his/her goals and dreams, are you involved in them? That is a good sign that bae is serious about this. After all, if this was just a fling or a short term relationship, bae wouldn't be bringing that stuff up. And he/she definitely wouldn't be involving you in goals.

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They're Not Afraid To Be Vulnerable

Okay, bae might not have said *I love you* yet, but has your SO been very open in other ways? Maybe he/she isn't afraid to be scared or cry in front of you, or maybe bae has shared his/her deepest, darkest fears with you and he/she has never shared them with anyone else. Showing his/her true self and not just putting on a *perfect* front shows a deep level of trust and commitment.

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They Want To Make You Happy

You know that joy you get from doing something for bae that makes him/her happy? Do you see the same sort of spark in your SO when he/she does something for you? Is it obvious that they care about your feelings and want to ensure that you're happy? Be aware that bae doesn't have to do any grand romantic gestures like rent out a football stadium or get you a $5,000 handbag. It's actually the little things that bae does for your happiness that can be more telling.

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They Put The Effort In

Relationships aren't easy. They take work, time, and commitment. If your SO has been committed to the two of you and tries to always be there or plan a date no matter how busy his/her schedule is, that's a sign that could point to love. If you feel like a dynamic duo with both of you making plans, texting, calling, and being concerned for the other one, you're in a good spot. If you feel like you have to do all the work in a relationship, it's not a good thing.

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They Trust You

Trust is a big thing for a lot of us. Generally, people open up and trust others only if they have strong feelings. Think about all the times bae has felt confident in trusting you. Maybe he/she let your babysit his/her dog or maybe your SO let you borrow his/her signed baseball that he/she loves so much so you could show your dad. Perhaps bae even opened up about a secret from his/her past that he/she wasn't comfortable sharing.

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They Want To Take Care Of You

Hold up, I don't mean in some creepy parent-kid thing. I mean that your SO is concerned about your well-being and they're willing to do almost anything to help make sure you're okay. Consider the times that you've had a problem and your SO wanted to felt you solve it. Also, think about whether they were genuinely concerned that you were down and not just upset because your bummed out mood was ruining their good time.

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They Are Selfless

Do you feel like your SO would do almost anything for you? Have they ever made a sacrifice or a compromise over something that they felt passionate about because they knew that it would benefit you? That is a clear indication that your SO has all the feels for you. Most people don't perform selfless acts regularly for random people they have little feelings for.

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When did you realize your SO was in love with you? Let us know in the comments!

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