There Are 8 Different Kinds of Nipples – Find Out What Kind You Have

Like basically every other body part out there, no two nipples are exactly the same. Despite what pornography and Playboy would like you to believe, there are lots of different kinds of nipples out there. Every woman (and man) out there is not walking around with perfectly symmetrical nips that protrude just the right amount, are a beautiful peachy pink shade, and feel and look smooth AF. There are probably some people out there with those kinds of nipples, but the point is that it’s different for everyone. So, if you think your hairy or bumpy nipples are strange and alien-looking, trust me: they aren’t.

If you didn’t realize that all nipples are different, and you’ve just learned that now, you might be wondering what kind of nipples you have. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide with illustrations included so that you can figure out exactly what’s going on on your breasts – and hopefully feel better about anything you may have been insecure about! Here are the nine different kinds of nipples out there:

Bumpy Nipples

One of the most common questions we get from readers is one that asks if bumps on nipples are normal. A lot of girls think they're pimples, some girls think there's something wrong with them. Neither assumptions are correct! Bumpy nipples are very common. The bumps are actually called Montgomery glands, and while every woman has them, they look different on everyone. Some might be more pronounced, some might be almost invisible, some might be able to be squeezed, others are just... there.

Image Source: Seventeen

Flat Nipples

The description for flat nipples is pretty basic: it means the whole nipple is, well, flat. It blends into the areola, basically. The nipple can still become hard and more pronounced if you're turned on or if it's a little cold, but for the most part, it's just flat to your breast.

Image Source: Seventeen

Puffy Nipples

The opposite of a flat nipple is a puffy nipple. This means that the whole nipple is raised up off your breast, like a little mound on your boobs. They can also tend to look like a little cone.

Image Source: Babe

Inverted Nipples

Then there are inverted nipples, which are exactly what they sound like - the nipple appears to be going into your breast. These can often be pushed around so that they stick out a bit, but it is still possible for the whole nipple to be inverted.

Image Source: Seventeen

Hairy Nipples

If you've ever noticed hair on your nipples, don't freak out: this is normal. Your nipples might have some stray dark hairs that can be plucked or left alone. Do with them what you want!

Image Source: Babe

Unilateral Nipples

This basically means that you have one inverted nipple and one raised nipple. It might seem confusing, but it's normal. Important note, though: if your nipples were never like this and suddenly became unilateral, then you should see your doctor, as this could be a sign of breast cancer.

Image Source: Seventeen

Combination Nipples

Combination nipples are basically a mix of all of these nipples. Like, maybe you have hairy nipples AND inverted nipples. Maybe you have flat nipples AND bumpy nipples. It's normal to experience more than one!

Protruding Nipples

Protruding is similar to puffy nipples, but they don't exactly look cone shaped because the areola isn't raised. The nipples are simply raised a few millimeters and can harden and become more protruded.

Image Source: Seventeen

Supernumerary Nipples

Have you ever heard of someone having a third nipple? Fun fact: Harry Styles has one! It isn't just a myth, you guys, it really happens. Having an extra nipple is called "supernumerary nipples." It doesn't look like a random nipple on, like, your back - it's often smaller and doesn't resemble a "regular" nipple.

Image Source: Babe

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Here Are The 9 Kinds Of Breasts You Can Have

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