7 Sex Positions To Keep You Warm This Winter

As it gets cooler and darker with every single day, it’s time for us to come to terms with the fact that winter is on its way. I know, it’s scary. I have nothing against winter itself, but as soon as it starts getting below freezing, I get pretty upset. Sure, the holidays are awesome, and snow can be cool, but I absolutely hate being cold. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. It sucks even more for activities that you need to be naked for. You know – showering, getting dressed, and, of course, sex.

As we get closer to the colder months, it’s time to start adjusting our lives in order to stay warm. That also means you need to adjust your sex life. I know it sounds weird, but having sex when you’re cold is not fun. It can ruin the ~mood~ and make the whole thing pretty crappy. So, you’re going to want to try out some sex positions that will keep you warm. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true! You want to be able to get it on but still stay super warm. Luckily, there are positions to help you out with that. Check out these sex positions that will keep you and bae warm all winter long.

Tub Sex

Stay warm and cozy in a ~romantic~ bath. Then, get it on! Bath sex is fun and a good way to stay warm with your bae. Have your bae sit in the tub first, then you sit in between their legs, with your ankles on their shoulder. It will be slippery but fun.



The best way to stay warm in the winter is to cuddle, so you might as well have sex at the same time, right? Lay with your back to your bae, then raise your knees up to your chest as your partner hold onto you. Be sure to use a lot of lube for this one, since it can be a tricky angle.


Cross Legged

This is truly the closest you could be to your bae without completely becoming a part of each other. Have your partner sit with their legs crossed, and then you sit on top. You guys will be suuuuuper close, which means your body heat will keep you warm AF.


Shower Sex

Another way to keep it warm and ~steamy~ is to get it on in the shower. It will be a little slippery, so be careful, but I promise, you'll be sweaty in no time. Stand in the shower with your partner, and have them hold onto your waist so that you stay balanced.


Carpet Burn

Keeping with the close trend, this position will put your and your bae super close to one another, so you can share your body heat while getting it on. Have your partner kneel on one knee, and you do the same.


Modified Doggy

Modified Doggy style is a classic position that everybody loves. It's a great way to be super close to your bae, and also get that g-spot penetration. Lay down on your stomach, then have your bae lay on top of you. It's super ~intimate~ which is prefect for this time of year.


Sofa Doggy

This is just like doggy style, but you're on the edge of a couch or bed, hanging off. It's fun and different, but not very complicated, so you can totally pull it off. Be sure to use some lube to make it easier!


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