14 Cool Neon Makeup Looks To Try On Halloween

At this point in the year, chances are good that you’re feeling a lot of pressure. I’m not just talking about the pressure you’re experiencing in school—though, come to think of it, you’re probably dealing with that as well—but, rather, the pressure of trying to figure out what the heck you’re going to be this year. There are a lot of options! You know, like space costumes. Pop culture-themed costumes. Traditionally guy-exclusive costumes. Or, perhaps, you don’t really feel like putting in the effort for a whole costume. If that’s the case, you should consider some full-face neon makeup looks.

Neon makeup might not be the easiest thing in the world to do, but the payoff is more than worth it. So, if you’ve got a hefty makeup collection and some skill with a brush—or, perhaps, if you just want to kill some time looking at some genuinely amazing makeup—check out these super cool neon makeup looks to try this Halloween: 

1. Start things off on a ~wild~ note with this melted skull look:


2. Or, you can channel some It-inspired vibes with this neon clown face:


3. Want an updated version of the classic old Hollywood look? That may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s not when it comes to this pop art-inspired holographic look:

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4. You can also go for something a little more simple by rimming your eyes with a monochromatic neon shadow:

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5. You can also go for a highlighter effect by tracing the lines of your face with neon and highlighter:


6. Just make sure to match it to your lipstick:


7. You can also try out one of those half skull looks, but with a neon-y twist:


8. There’s this option, too:

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9. Here’s another, slightly more subtle half skull look:

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10. Is this smallpox? Pop are? Who cares? Either way, it looks cool:

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11. This is a slightly more simple look that will still impress everyone–obviously, it’s extra great if you can pair it with a flower crown:

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12. This neon flower is super cute and unique enough to totally stand out at Halloween:

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13. This half skull is, truly, badass. Plus, it’s cool that it uses a different color scheme than most of the other skulls:

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14. And, finally, this is awesome. See if you can pull it off, too!

Neon makeup Style ? #neonmakeup

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