18 Of The Funniest “First Of All” Tweets You Will Ever See

First of all, Twitter is the best and the worst place on Earth. It’s funny and a good way to stay updated on what’s going on in the world, which can be a good or bad thing. We all know that the world is a mess right now, but at least there are SOME things to laugh about. You can connect with people all over the world, and stay involved. It’s also the best place to keep on top of all of the memes. Right now, there is a funny one circulating that I’m sure you’ve seen before. It’s being called the “first of all” meme, as shown below:

Here’s how it works: You (or someone else) write a random statement, and follow it up with, “first of all”, and a counter statement. So, basically, it’s about someone being wrong, and you responding with a “first of all, ____.” Does this make sense? I don’t know why it’s so funny, but they are all so relatable, and I had to share some with you. Most of the time, the first statement is something super bizarre and far fetched, and the “first of all” response is to correct them. It’s silly, but everything in the world sucks right now, so we’ll take all the memes we can get. Check them out: 

1. I’m sure we ALL feel this way:




3. *Eye-rolling emoji*


4. WHY do people just FaceTime out of the blue?! I don’t get it:


5. TFW you’re bad at being subtle:


6. Yep:


7. Dark…but super relatable:


8. Every Uber driver ever:


9. Yikes, same:


10. It’s not SUPPOSED to look natural:


11. Whoops:


12. Hehehehe:


13. Drag me, TBH:


14. Welp:


15. Wow…Netlix gets me:


16. Accurate:


17. Nice:


18. Oh no:

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