18 Fall Fashion Trends You Have To Know About According To Instagram

Instagram may have started out as just a photo sharing app where we all posted selfies, but it has evolved into so much more than that. Not only is it a place to find makeup tips and product recommendations as well as workout videos and clean eating tips (and so much more), but it’s also become an essential market for fashion trends. If you follow enough style bloggers, supermodels, celebrity stylists, and fashionistas, you’ll start to notice that trends aren’t just shared on Instagram, they’re often created on Instagram. You know those certain pieces that you see every single Insta-famous star wear? They change every season – once upon a time it was the Valentino Rockstud heels, this past summer it was one piece swimsuits – and they affect the fashion world in a huge way.

So, it’s no surprise that one would look to Instagram to try to figure out some fall fashion trends – and by “one” I mean me. I get tons of style inspiration from Instagram, because I follow fashion world stars who post aesthetically pleasing images and gorgeous outfits every day. A few weeks into a season, and I start to notice trends – what keeps popping up on my feed and won’t seem to go away. This stuff often stems from the runway shows, but it can also seem to pop up out of nowhere. Sometimes, Instagram fashion trends only look good when they’re photographed (I once bought a bag that looked and was shaped exactly like a lemon, thinking it would make a good photo, and then realizing in real life it… sucked), but sometimes they really work IRL too. And the below trends? They’ll definitely work in real life. Here are some essential fall fashion trends you need to get in on:

1. Gray Plaid Blazers

The good news is that it's Wednesday and the weekend's almost here. Push through!

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I don’t know when this happened, but out of nowhere, plaid blazers became huge. And not just any plaid blazer, but a gray plaid blazer. They’re all over Instagram style bloggers and they give off a kind of retro/chic vibe that works perfectly with fall weather. I just bought one – it required a lot of searching since most shops were sold out of them. Oh, and if you want to try out this trend, we’ve got lots of outfit ideas for you.

2. Newsboy Caps

I have no idea how this has happened, but here we are. Newsboy caps are back. They are literally everywhere. You’ll notice them featured in, like, five other outfits on this page alone. Am I sold? Not really. Do they look good on these ladies? They do! Will they look good on me? I bet not! Will I still try to wear one? Probably!

3. Tiny Oval Sunglasses

wearing my alien glasses today?

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Oval sunglasses are a ~thing~ on Instagram, and it’s slightly concerning to me, but whatever. They have a VERY ’90s look to them and I notice them on only the coolest bloggers who wear things a lot of people can’t get away with. But hey, if you’re into them, try them out! This particular pair is so, so cute.

4. Flute Sleeves

Sleeves are having a moment, especially flute sleeves – they basically flair out at the bottom, and they’re very popular online. I noticed they are also very popular in most mall stores as well. They’re cute and fun, and very accessible.

5. Loafers

If you want to buy one pair of trendy shoes this year, make them a pair of loafers similar to these. They’re incredibly popular and also very practical. They’re comfortable, versatile, and they look very chic and mature. They are also pretty affordable, because there are a lot of options out there – unless, of course, you choose to go the blogger route and buy the Gucci loafers everyone is obsessed with.

6. Open Heeled Loafers

If you want to buy TWO new pairs of shoes this season, opt for open heeled loafers as your second pair. They are also extremely popular and kind of remind me of flat mules (I guess that’s basically what they are?). I think loafers are more practical, especially for chillier weather, but these are really very adorable. And yes, I did just buy a pair. I’m a slave to fashion! I’m sorry!

7. Super Furry Jackets

Here’s a good example of an Instagram trend that often doesn’t translate quite as well in real life as it does in photos: super furry jackets. They look cozy and wonderful and comfortable online, but they can easily look cheap and oversized and childish IRL. Okay, that definitely isn’t always true – I’ve seen people working them like a pro – but be careful! Also, embrace it. These are incredibly comfy.

8. Light Trench Coats

Neutrals all day every day ✌?

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Trench coats always have, and probably always will, be a classic. But this slightly newer version is particularly popular right now. They are basically really light, more flowy trench coats. They’re not super structured, they sometimes don’t even have buttons or zippers, and they usually have a sash. They’re really great for transitional weather, and they’re very chic looking.

9. Small Bandanas/Neck Scarves

These tiny little neck scarves/bandanas have been slowly building in popularity for a while now – we wrote about them last year – and I think they’ve hit a peak. This is either a bandana or a small neck scarf, and they can be tied a million different ways as a unique accessory.

10. Unique Boots

friday night booties ? http://liketk.it/2sJlm @liketoknow.it #liketkit #revolveme #stevemadden

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Ankle boots and mid-calf boots are, as usual, very trendy for fall. Unique boots, though, are taking over. Think anything that isn’t brown or black leather or suede, like colorful velvet, embroidery, embellishments, and lots of cut-outs. They’re super fun to play around with and wear.

11. Complicated Denim Shirts

Just two girls and a cow chillin at the @back40ri ? ❤️ ? @dariavalles

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Denim shirts have been big for a while now, and I suspect they will be winding down a bit. But for now, these complicated denim shirts are still a *thing.* I don’t know how else to explain them except that they involve a lot of fabric, buttons, zippers, off the shoulder situations, maybe some giant sleeves… you know. All that good stuff.

12. Giant Sleeves

superheroes aren’t the only ones who can wear capes ? #fpme

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Large sleeves are in for fall, and they’re super fun to play around with. Pick something really ruffled, or sleeves that are like bell bottoms for your arms. You can’t go wrong!

13. All Red Everything

According to Who What Wear, red was the most popular color from Instagrams from Fashion Week – and one of the most popular shades on Instagram for the fall. Go out and buy all red everything, from clothes to accessories.

14. Sock Boots with Cropped Jeans

Sock boots are still going strong, and according to Instagram style stars, they look best when worn with cropped jeans. It’s a cool and kind of ~edgy~ look for fall.

15. Label Belts

Wearing showy labels hasn’t been a thing since the early 2000s, but it’s actually slowly coming back. I keep noticing these label belts everywhere – mainly Gucci and sometimes also Hermes. If you can afford it, go for it!

16. Tight Over The Knee Boots

It’s hard to go anywhere on Instagram without seeing at least one photo of someone wearing these tight over the knee boots. The most popular option for Instagram is the Stuart Weitzman boots, which cost about $700 and aren’t affordable for everyone. There are plenty of knockoffs that look just as good!

17. Plaid Pants and Skirts

Ok, sometimes Scottish people do wear tartan trousers

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Plaid bottoms are another big plaid trend for autumn, like pants or skirts. I prefer the plaid pants – here are a bunch of outfit ideas inspired by them – because they scream fall and they’re so adorable.

18. White Boots

???♥️ #sunday

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Bored of black or brown boots? Opt for white boots, a big trend this fall. They stand out more than you think, but they’re definitely a cool piece to own.

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