20 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials Even Beginners Can Do

When you think of Halloween makeup looks, what comes to mind is probably a complicated tutorial, something that takes hours, requires lots of expensive costume makeup, and should basically come with a “makeup experts only” warning. Because of beauty bloggers, vloggers, and Instagram gurus, we’re used to seeing intricate Halloween makeup that we could never possibly copy on our own. They’re beautiful and awesome to stare at, but they’re not very practical for the average person to try.

But! The good news is that your Halloween makeup doesn’t have to be incredibly complicated and detailed. It can be much more simple than you think – so simple, actually, that even a beginner can nail it. And honestly, it’s worth trying, because Halloween makeup is fun. It’s really one of the only times of the year a normal, every day person who isn’t a makeup artist or celebrity can try out something wild and out-there without being judged. You should take advantage of it! Whether you’re using it to make your costume more legit, or just making the makeup the costume, any of the below ideas are great… and simple. Here are some easy Halloween makeup tutorials you need to check out:

1. Alien Makeup



Want to go as an alien this year? Or just do some cool galaxy makeup for the day? This tutorial is easy to follow and still looks really impressive. Bonus points if you do the hair too! (PS: we have some awesome alien costume ideas here!)


2. A Doll



If you want a fast and easy costume that still looks cute, try this doll makeup. It’s super simple and only really requires false lashes for your costume – you can wear a sweet dress you already own.


3. Scarecrow Makeup



The scarecrow makeup is a weirdly popular Halloween look on Pinterest, but maybe that’s because it’s so easy to copy. This tutorial is simple and has an adorable result. Just add a plaid shirt and you’re good!


4. Classy Witch Makeup



Maybe you want to wear something more classic and chic rather than something super costumey. If that’s the case, this witch makeup is the perfect choice. Throw on a black dress and a hat, and you’re ready for your Instagram selfie.


5. 1920’s Makeup



Another chic Halloween look is to dress as someone from the ’20s, like a flapper or just, you know, a person. It’s definitely done a lot, but it’s so pretty – and it’s fun to do the decades thing.


6. Easy Cat Makeup



There’s a reason the cat costume is so popular every year – it’s simple, fast, and always looks adorable. This tutorial couldn’t be easier to follow.


7. Cat Look



If you want to make your cat makeup a little more unique, try this tutorial. It includes just a bit more flair, but it’s still really easy to do on your own.


8. Deer 



This is another really popular makeup look, probably because it isn’t a cat and it’s also easy and cute.


9. Ventriloquist Doll



Instead of a regular doll, dress as a ventriloquist doll. It’s a little bit more creepy in a weird Halloween way.


10. Ice Queen



Whether you’re dressing as a Frozen character or just, you know, an Ice Queen, this frosty makeup is the perfect choice.


11. Spooky Halloween Look



I don’t exactly know what this is supposed to be – a skeleton? A zombie? Billy from Hocus Pocus? – but it’s creepy and spooky, and so it’s perfect for Halloween. It’s also easy!


12. Maleficent



It’s fun to dress as a Disney princess, but it can be even more fun to dress as a Disney villain. This Maleficent makeup is simple, but looks pretty advanced.


13. Queen Of Hearts



The Queen Of Hearts is one of those costumes you see every year. The outfit is fun, but the makeup really makes the whole look, and this one isn’t as hard as it seems.


14. Spiderweb Makeup



If you really want to creep everyone out, try this spiderweb makeup. The lines don’t have to be perfect, which makes this a whole lot easier to accomplish.


15. Unicorn



Dressing as a magical unicorn? Try this simple and colorful makeup look. It could even work if you’re going to be a mermaid. (Oh, and we have a bunch of unicorn costume ideas here!)


16. Wednesday Addams



If you have dark hair and black lipstick hanging around, why not dress as this Halloween favorite? It’s spooky and also chic AF.


17. Witch Makeup



If you want to do the more traditional witch makeup thing, try this half face – one side is glam, one side is green and creepy.


18. Ziggy Stardust



How amazing is this Ziggy Stardust look? Scotch tape makes this simple, but it looks incredibly impressive.


19. Animal Makeup 



This deer tutorial is so, so simple, and honestly? It could serve as the basis for pretty much any animal look you want, if you want to take it a step further.


20. Saw Clown



If you want to freak everyone out, dress as the dude from Saw. This tutorial is easy and you don’t need to add much else.


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