8 Common Mistakes Every Girl Makes In A Relationship

Relationships – no matter how long you’ve been in one – are tricky. Everyone has different experiences in their relationships, of course, but a lot of the time, people in relationships can fall into a similar pattern and do similar things. And those things, unfortunately, can be bad. Don’t get me wrong-not every single relationship is terrible. But so many people do the same things in relationships- and a lot of those people are girls.

Again- every relationship is different- but sometimes, us girls can act a certain way in a relationship, and it might not be a good thing. Maybe it’s because we are insecure, or maybe it’s just because guys are terrible and we all deal with them the same way. Whatever the reason is, girls can make some mistakes in a relationship, just as guys do. Of course guys tend to make MORE mistakes in relationships, but that’s a conversation for a different day. If you are in a relationship and you want to be a better girlfriend, take a look at these common mistakes every girl makes in a relationship. 

Making Their BF Open Up Before They Are Ready

Listen, opening up is hard for girls AND guys. You don't want to force someone to open up with they don't want to. Prophet_or_love said, "Research in social science backs this one up. Women are often keen to get men to open up, but studies show women consistently find men less attractive after they have demonstrated vulnerability." So, wait for this stuff to come up naturally.

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Being Passive

This is super common. I know I've totally done it in the past. Addysol said, "Backwards talking and not saying what they actually mean. By that I mean the passive 'sure, go out with your friends, I don't mind' but then you're in the dog house the next day." Don't be passive! Just say what you're feeling. Otherwise, those negative feelings will just stay in your head and cause an outburst later.

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Trying To "Fix" Their BF

Stumpjungle said, "Treat men like a project to be worked on and fixed." This is super important. You should never treat your partner like you are going to "fix" them. That just makes it seem like there is something wrong with them!

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Manipulating With Sex

This is really terrible, but actually very common, especially on TV shows. Ughwhydude said, "Use sex as a weapon." If you say "you do _____ and we can have sex later" it's a form of manipulation that can even be abusive. Never use sex as a bargaining tool, EVER.

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Manipulating With Emotions

Lvl6commoner said, "Okay, this is hard to explain. Basically, my girlfriend will do something that irritates me or makes me upset. Then she will be upset, guilty that I am upset, and it’s now my job to solve that. It gets really old, and I am annoyed/upset and I don’t feel like being nice and comforting right now, but I don’t get that choice because she is now crying." I know that a lot of people do this, and it's just better to take responsibility than to make yourself upset over it.

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Not Saying What's On Their Mind

Mustang80 said, "You can give me all the body language cues you want - if you don’t address issues with me verbally and explicitly, we can’t fix whatever issue we have. So my answer would be - a lot of girls don’t effectively express their feelings." Girls- just say what you're feeling. I know I should take my own advice, since I'm queen of being moody and avoiding feelings, but it is better for everyone when you just say what you're thinking.

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Never Initiating

You don't ALWAYS have to initiate sex, of course, but some guys would probably appreciate it every once in a while. It can make them feel like they are being pushy or forcing themselves if you never want to do it. If you want to do something with a guy, do it! Don't wait for him to make the first move. Khuji said, "My girlfriend will NEVER initiate make out sessions even though she parks her car in an empty lot, rolls her seat back and stares directly at me while moving forward. If you wish to make out, just kiss or grab me. I'm always the one starting these and it's fucking tiresome."

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Assuming Their BF Is Mad

Growell said, "Think I'M talking in hints, when I'm not! When I said "I'm fine with you having a girl's night out" what I meant was literally just "I'm fine with you having a girl's night out" TBH, when guys are mad, you'll know. If they say something is fine, odds are good that it's actually fine.

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