How To Find Jeans That Fit A Big Butt And Small Waist

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I’m hoping you can help me as I am well endowed in the ass area. I have to get jeans that are a size too big on me to fit my butt. This means that bending over becomes a peep show, as my jeans are baggy at the waist and too low. High waist pants do me no good either, as they press too hard on my stomach pooch and leave swollen red lines. I think my only available option would be to order jeans online since I live in a small town that doesn’t have a lot of stores, but I would really rather try them on first. Do you have any advice? Maybe a brand that would work well for bigger booties?


Girl, I understand your problem. It’s super frustrating when your hips are considerably bigger than your waist – it makes buying clothes a big struggle. But you do have a few options so that you can comfortably wear jeans and not worry about the waist being huge on you.

Your best option is probably to order something online if you don’t have many options near you. To make things easier, measure yourself (or have someone do it for you). Then order via your measurements rather than the size – so, don’t order a large or a size eight, order whatever size lines up with your measurements. Almost every shopping site will show you the measurements of their sizes, since sizing can be so different for each brand. You usually have to just look for it on the product page.

As for brands that are known for being better for big butts – there are a few! First, start by googling this. There are lots of articles that show you what specific jeans will work for your body type (small waist, larger hips), too many to list here. Look at the photos and do a lot of research. Some brands are known for being better than others. A lot of people swear by BDG and Levis. Paige denim makes jeans that are a super stretchy and comfortable material, so they can be good for curvier girls. Khloe Kardashian’s Good American brand was made for curvier girls in mind. It honestly can take some research and dedication to find what’s right for you.

Once you pick some options, order from websites with good return policies. Look for the jeans you want on a site like Nordstrom, which offers free shipping and free returns and carries a lot of styles. You might end up needing to return a few pairs, but that’s okay! Trial and error is worth it if you end up finding the perfect pair of jeans.

The other option you have is to find a good tailor. They can always help make your jeans fit if they feel great everywhere besides your waist. That can get pricey, so that’s up to you.

Good luck!

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