13 Easy Hacks That Will Help You Get The Cleanest Dorm Room Ever

If you are in college, chances are good that your life is a little bit stressful right now. Or, to be more exact, chances are good that your life is a lot stressful right now. You’ve probably got midterms, research papers, and whatever fall break road trip that you and your friends planned back during, like, orientation (you were so innocent then!) that you now have to commit to actually planning out and executing.

This is what brings me to your dorm room and its current organizational state–or, if your life is as stressful as I imagine it to be, its lack thereof. Like, when you first moved into our dorm, I am sure that it was more or less pristine. You followed all of the design rules and But now? In this economy? Please. But it doesn’t have to be this way!  So, if you would like your dorm room to be a little more organized, check out these easy hacks that will help you get the cleanest dorm room ever, even in trying times like these:

1. Know how often you need to clean everything:


Obviously, not every single thing on this list will apply to you and your small, cinderblock dorm room. But it’s a great guideline to know about so you you know when you should clean things and when you can afford to let things slide.


2. Keep (and stick with) a cleaning schedule:



If you stick with a cleaning schedule–like the one above–it makes cleaning seem like less of a chore and more like something you just do every day.


3. Keep an everyday schedule, too:



This is another good guideline for keeping up with necessary cleaning to keep your dorm spotless.


4. Organize your dresser drawers with dividers:

drawer organizer


Diamond drawer organizers, like the ones above, are great for keeping your socks and underwear neat and orderly. Once you set them up, it’ll make keeping up with your clean clothes easier, which will make it easier to know when you actually have to do laundry.


5. Know how to fold your clothes so they fit easier in your drawers:



Doing something small–like changing how you fold your clothes–can totally change your crumple-up t-shirt drawer, which will make your room (and life, probably) feel more organized.


6. Make a magnet board for your makeup:



If a lot of the clutter in your room comes from your makeup, try making a magnet board, sticking magnet strips to your makeup palettes, and placing them on the board. This way, you’ll always be able to see all of your makeup without having it cluttered all over your desk or wherever you usually put it.


7. Use Mason jars to organize your pens and pencils:



Want a unique take on the classic mason jar aorganizaiton system? Place them on their sides. This way, you can grab your pens and pencils whenever you need them, but they won’t take up too much space on your desk.


8. Try using a paper towel desk organizer:



You can also use old paper towel rolls and a cardboard box to create similar system.


9. And organize your smaller supplies with a tackle box:



This way, you can keep them inside a desk drawer and grab things whenever you need them.



10. Keep your fridge clean by separating your food from your roommate’s:



When you live with other people, it can be hard to keep track of the items in the fridge, which means that things can get pretty gnarly. To deal with this, try the hack above. This will make it easier to keep you and your roommate responsible for your food.


11. Know how often you need to do laundry:



This will help prevent all your laundry from piling up and creating a mess in your room.


12. Remember to clean your toilet:


If you have a toilet that you’re responsible for cleaning, chances are good that you don’t do it as often as you should. Make it easier for yourself by making these fizzies–all you have to do is stick them in the toilet.


13. Repurpose a shower caddy to make a wall organizer:



Have random odds and ends floating around your room? Deal with them by hanging a shower caddy in your room. This will make them easier to find and less liekly to create clutter.


You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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