15 DIY Space Themed Costumes You’ll Want To Wear This Halloween

If you’re looking for a DIY Halloween costume theme that gives you a ton of options to choose from–whether you’re a total novice with the whole DIY thing or an expert–just look up for inspiration. Yeah, up there, way up high…in the sky. Yeah, space.

Sure, you could dress up as a well known and beloved character from a TV show or movie based in space; from Princess Leia to Sailor Jupiter, the options are damn near limitless. But if you want to go for a more nature-inspired route, you’re not limited either. If you’re really into makeup, you can try your hand at a galaxy makeup look. If you just want to glue some stuff together, you can make a stellar (pun kind of intended) celestial crown. And if you would really want to make your 4th grade science teacher proud, you can straight up do some serious arts and crafting and creatue a costume replica of the planet Saturn. Cool right? Well, if you need some additional ideas, check out these 15 DIY space themed costumes you’ll actually want to wear this Halloween.


There are obviously a zillion ways you can dress up as an alien, ranging from simply rocking some holographic/silvery clothes to full out painting your skin and dyeing your hair. You can really do whatever you want, but it's so killer to see some cool textures (that confetti!) and intense colors (that wig!) like the alien look on the left. At the very least, make sure your hair looks out of this world.


Britney Spears + Her Astronaut Bae

Okay, as soon as I saw this I had to add it. For those of you who want a pop culture throwback incorporated into a space look, you and a friend (or bae) can go as Britney Spears and her astronat boo from the "Oops (I Did It Again)" video. Classic.



Okay, so this coat isn't actually DIY, but you can absolutely do a very similar look with patches or felt and a thick coat. This is a great option for those of you who want to get dressed up without looking too Halloweeny.


A Galaxy

For those of you who are really advanced with your makeup skills, you should go for a galaxy makeup look like the one shown. It'll be time consuming, but absolutely stunning, whether you wear it with a costume or rock the makeup look alone. Grab an eyeshadow palette or face-friendly paint and go to town. And definitely use white pigment or paint for the stars; it'll be a lot more vibrant and bold than white eyeshadow or eyeliner. Just make sure you do a trial run before Halloween!


The Moon

This night sky look is great for those of you who really want to make an impression on Halloween. Some cardboard and glitter can go a long way when it comes to making a headdress; just use a strong adhesive to make sure it sticks to a comfortable headband and you're set. Oh, and don't forget to rock some sparkly highlight! That alone would be a great look with a dark outfit, but if you want to go the extra mile, throw some stars onto your outfit too.


A Retro Astronaut

This retro astronaut costume rules and looks so legit with the headgear. The silver boots are a great way to top off this ensemble; if you don't have any, grab a pair of boots you don't wear anymore, get some silver spray paint, and go nuts.


Shootin' Stars

If you like pun costumes (I mean, who doesn't? Let's be real), you'll love this "shooting star" costume. Just rock something gold or silver and shimmery and throw on a few star-shaped sequins or headbands and carry a toy gun with you. Just make sure the gun obviously looks fake; you can spray paint a toy gun to do this.


Starry Sky

This look is super simple because all it really requires is some star-shaped tinsel and sequins to get the job done. This is perfect for those of you who are low maintenance when it comes to costumes.


Solar System

Go full astronomy geek with a solar system costume. This one was made super simply with some string, paper, a little artistic skill for the planets, and a black body suit. You can also arrange the planets in a headdress if you prefer, just make sure it's light enough to rest comfortably on your head.


Star Crown

If you aren't really into dressing up but you want to do a lil somethin', consider a simple star crown. There's a nifty tutorial at the link below that'll show you exactly how to do it, and I promise you that it's amazingly easy.


Silver And Gold Star Ensemble

If you want to do more than wear a starry headdress, go the extra mile with sequins and an outfit that comes in silver and gold. The more sparkle, the better. Consider going for sequins; you can buy a cheap sequin jacket at a discount clothing store.

Starving.com/Amanda Britto

Sun And Moon

This is so great for a BFF costume. One can be the sun, complete with a sun headdress, and the other can be a moon, complete with silvery accents.


Sun Rays

I love this look because it's really...decadent? If you want an excuse to rock that gold or yellow dress that's been collecting dust in your closet, now is your chance. Go for a super refined look with a dress, heels, and a simple sun headdress that you can easily construct out of cardboard, paint, and super glue.


Vintage Cosmonaut

If you're into retro style, you're going to love this vintage cosmonaut costume. Sure, it's not for those of you who like to show a little skin on Halloween, but it looks really killer.


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