8 Types Of Female Orgasms You Can Have That Don’t Involve Your Vagina

The female orgasm is probably one of the most interesting things about the female body. It’s complex, surprising, and still full of mystery. Yes, dudes can obviously orgasm as well, but saying that women experience that kind of pleasure on a whole different level is not a hard argument to make. Women can have multiple orgasms, we typically don’t have to wait long periods of time to have more than one like a lot of men do, and we have so many options when it comes to what kind of orgasm we can have. And, on top of that, we sometimes don’t even need to go near our vaginas in order to experience the big O.

Yes, you read that right – women can have orgasms that don’t even involve our vaginas. That means you could be sitting in class, and, bam, orgasm. Or you could be innocently doing your fitness thing at the gym, and, WHOA, orgasm. Okay, it’s definitely not as simple as I’m making it sound, and it doesn’t happen to every single woman out there, but it’s pretty good to know that it is absolutely possible. Want to take your sexual pleasure up a notch? Here are a few types of orgasms you can have that don’t require you – or anyone – to touch your vagina. Thank us later!

Skin Orgasm

Chances are good that you've already had a skin orgasm, and you didn't even know it. You know when you listen to one of your favorite songs or a piece of music that really makes you feel something, and you get goose bumps? The actual name for that is "frissons," a "musically induced effect associated with a pleasant tingling feeling," according to one study. This specific feeling happens when the music changes unexpectedly - like if it suddenly gets very loud. And, sure, it's not sexual pleasure, but it's still considered an orgasm!

That said, you CAN experience sexual pleasure through just having someone touch your skin, whether it's a sensual massage, or rubbing something on your body that makes you feel really, really good.

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Mental Orgasm

One of the coolest things about being a woman is that you can literally think yourself into having an orgasm. You know how guys have wet dreams? Well, women can have a version of that too. If you've ever had a sex dream and then woke up to the feeling of having an orgasm, you weren't just dreaming... you were literally having an orgasm. After some training, you can actually manage to have an orgasm when you're just thinking about something that turns you on. That might explain why so many women were obsessed with 50 Shades Of Grey.

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Kissing/Oral Orgasm

We're not talking about an orgasm from oral sex here (although obviously that's a thing) - we're talking about an orgasm from stimulating your mouth. Your lips are full of nerve endings that are actually similar to the nerve endings on your nipples and clitoris. So, if you start to feel turned on when kissing someone, it's because of your lips! And you can actually have a full-on orgasm from making out - it just requires some patience. Having a kissing orgasm requires some focus and time, but it is absolutely possible.

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The nipplegasm is probably the most popular non-vaginal orgasm out there. Stimulating your nipples activates the same area of the brain that gets activated when stimulating the clitoris and vagina. So, basically, your body thinks of nipple stimulation and clitorial/vaginal stimulation the same way, meaning that you can have a powerful orgasm just from playing with your nipples.

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Zone Orgasm

Refinery29 describes zone orgasms as "ones that are experienced via stimulation of an area that isn’t necessarily thought of as erotic." This can be something like a partner kissing your neck, nibbling on your hair, or stroking your inner thigh. It's basically an orgasm from having an area of your body touched that you wouldn't think would bring you sexual pleasure. Zam!

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You know how sometimes the grunts and groans happening during a tough workout sound similar to those that happen during an orgasm? Well, uh, maybe those women actually are having an orgasm. A coregasm is an exercise induced orgasm that usually comes about when you're working out your lower abs. Working your core to the point of exhaustion is the way to achieve this - just doing a few crunches won't make it happen.

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Anal Orgasm

Okay, so this is close to your vagina, but it's different enough to count! You can definitely have an orgasm from anal sex. Sometimes it's from the clitoris or vagina getting stimulated via anal, and sometimes it's just from anal sex. There are nerve endings there! Some women swear by this.

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Blended Orgasm

The blended orgasm is when you combine two different kinds of orgasms. So, for example, mental and nipple. Or maybe a kissing orgasm and a zone orgasm. Or, if you want to include vaginal stuff, a clitoral orgasm and a nipplegasm. It's basically two different kinds of pleasure merging into one.

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9 Different Types Of Orgasms Women Can Have

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