How To Extend Time Between Shaving Your Legs

Dear Heather,

Why does my leg hair grow back so quickly after I shave it? It drives me crazy. How can I extend my time between shaving?


I don’t blame you! The worst thing about shaving is the fact that the results don’t tend to last very long, and this seems to be especially true when it comes to leg hair (or maybe we just notice it faster). Some women find that they have to shave every day if they want their legs to feel super smooth. So, can you do something about it?

Unfortunately, not really. Shaving is a temporary solution and just doesn’t offer results that last very long. It’s different for everyone, of course – body hair growth can change depending on your hormones, genetics, and ethnicity, to name a few – but in general, you’ll start to notice more hair by the second day. There are lots of products out there that claim to minimize hair growth and extend your time between shaving, but there’s no proof that these things really work. They’re worth trying – they’re usually lotions, and you should be moisturizing after shaving anyway – but don’t expect it to be a miracle solution.

That said, there are a few things you can do. Make sure you’re using a razor that’s sharp and relatively new. These blades will always remove more hair. Exfoliate before shaving to remove dead skin cells and to ensure you’re getting the closet shave you can.

You can also opt for something that isn’t shaving. Waxing usually leaves you smooth for about two weeks (again, that depends on the person), although it is quite painful and costly. Laser hair removal is your best bet at permanently (or at least for a few years) removing hair.

Lastly, I spoke with Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, a New York City based dermatologist and clinical instructor at New York University and Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine, who also works with Schick, who gave me this advice: “You can also see your dermatologist to get a prescription of Vaniqa, which is eflornithine which blocks the enzyme necessary for hair growth which slows down hair growth no matter what type of hair removal process you use.”

Oh, and lastly? Just decide to forget shaving and leave your body hair alone. Do what makes you feel comfortable, of course, but just know that your life might be a whole lot more carefree if you’re not thinking about your leg hair.

Good luck!

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