15 DIY Animal Costumes That Nobody Else Will Think Of

I know that a lot of the costume posts you see this year will have some form of cat on it, or maybe ~sexy~ version of a fish or something. While those are cool and fun, I would like to bring to your attention some not-so common animal costumes that you should wear for Halloween. Yes, being something obscure like an armadillo will probably turn some heads, but there are a ton of fun animals that we all know of, yet nobody ever dresses at them. Well, it’s time for you to have a unique costume!

Let’s be honest, animals are cute and cuddly and make good Halloween costumes. You could probably wear anything you want and add some animal ears and you would be good. But these are a little more fun and different. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never actually met anybody wearing a lamb costume. If you want to be a fun and different animal this year, check out these animal costumes.


I have never thought of this, but it's super unique. Rafiki was a pretty major character in The Lion king and while most people think to be Simba, this is a pretty different costume idea.



I love this! Elephants are super cool and never get enough love, IMO. I guess it's the fact that it's pretty hard to make your own elephant trunk? This lady rocked it though!


Animal Cookies

I guess they are not really animals, but I love this idea! You know those little frosted animal cookies? This would make a great and easy costume!



TBH, this was what inspired me to make an animal costume post. I don't think I've ever seen a porcupine costume (or a porcupine in general) IRL, but this is a cute idea.



This looks so...soft and pure. I'm into it. It's a cute idea that no many people will think of.



Sure, Chewbacca is more or less and alien, but I'm pretty sure he can be considered an animal here. Plus- this costume will be very warm.



These pink creatures are pretty bizarre, with their tiny legs and pink bodies. But they will make a great squad costume!


Cookie Monster

OKAY, he's sort of an animal, right? I just love this idea. You can even have your BFF be Elmo for a matching costume.



The spookiest animal also happens to be super easy to DIY- all you need is a black dress and some "wings."



I was a raccoon for Halloween once! It was fun. I encourage you to do the same. I also carried around garbage, since, you know, they love that stuff.


Beanie Baby

I love this idea so much. Dress as any type of animal, then add a beanie baby tag around your neck and you're good!



Foxes are pretty ~mystical~ since they are so sneaky but they are also very fluffy and cute. So, all in all, a perfect costume.


Snapchat Dog

Yes, this is still the best filter and I don't care what you say! It's also a super easy costume to DIY.



Okay, these guys really had a moment last year. But I can't not put them on the list, since it is a pretty cute and super easy costume that everyone can pull off!



Yes, a lot of people will be a unicorn. But eff it, unicorns are fun and wearing glitter is the best thing ever. Just go for it.


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