15 Super Trendy Hairstyles To Try This Fall

As we are all aware, summer is long gone, and it’s time for us to embrace fall. Like it or not, it’s here, so you better get used it it. Throw on some boots, add a scarf to your outfit, and you’re already in fall mode. I love fall because I an finally wear sweaters and dresses with tights, and I am most powerful in those looks. But enough about me- let’s talk more about fall trends. Specifically hair trends.

Whether you want to chop all your hair off, go for a crazy dye job, or just add a braid, there is a trend for you. Sure, you could just wear your hair one way all season long, but what’s the fun in that? A new season means new opportunities to rock a cool look. Now that the weather is cooler and less humid,  you are less likely to be a giant frizzball, which gives you a lot of hair options. If you’re looking to switch up your fall look, check out these pretty and trendy fall hairstyles to try.

1. For a while, curly haired girls were discouraged from getting bangs, but this year, curly bangs are back in style:


if you don’t take a car selfie, did you even get a haircut?? ?? #curlybangs

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2. Hats are a huge trend this fall, and will give off a super cute and chic vibe. Match your hat to your outfit and you’ll be trendy AF:


Fringe binge ??

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3. Short bobs with bangs are a cut retro look that also happen to be back:


Happiness is… having new haircolor ? #shorthair #bob #bangs #balayage #ombre #ashbrown #ashbrownbalayage #newhair

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4. TBH, I’ve been seeing these infinity braids everywhere, and this is a good example of one. It looks super complicated, but is also very elegant and sweet:


5. This is another way to wear an infinity braid, and it will look super cute on colorful hair:


6. Silver hair (most recently made trendy again by Ariana Grande) is back and I’m loving it. It gives off spooky and spacey vibes:


Friday the 13th ???

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7. Okay, bangs are ALWAYS back for fall, but here they are again, just to remind you that they will never go away:


8. A dark blue is also really big right now, which is w perfect color for late fall/early winter:


9. Since summer is over, it’s time to embrace darker shades of blonde, like caramel and golden colors:



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10. Looooong locks are also huge right now, which you can thank the Kardashians for:


11. A low pony with a “messy” vibe is the perfect hairstyle for any lazy girl this fall:


12. Sure, french braids are really have a moment right now, but a french braid into a pigtail is the perfect fall look:


13. Having a center part used to be ~weird~ but it’s been very trendy recently, and will look good with most hair looks:


Thanks for working your #haircut magic on me, @gardneredmunds (and for making the process so much fun)! ??????#shorthair #centerpart

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14. Dramatic headbands are also a huge trend for this season, which are a totally unique look:


15. Low and loose braids are perfect for a casual fall day:


I took a mini social media break… and it felt so good ❤️ balayage and Braided by me ? photo @joseph_laurin #americansalon

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