7 Reasons Why Your Crush Is Ignoring You

If you are anything like me, whenever you have a crush–a real, serious crush, not just a passing infatuation–you think about them almost constantly. You think about what they might be wearing on any given day, you think about whether or not you can casually bump into them somewhere in order to check out what they’re wearing on any given day, and, more likely than not, you think about whether or not they’re thinking about you as much as you think about them.

This can be a tough question to answer because, as far as I know, you aren’t a mind read. But it can be especially tough if your crush isn’t exactly behaving in the way you think they should if they’re thinking about you constantly–specifically, they’re ignoring you. What gives? Well, potentially, a lot of things. Check out these reasons why your crush could be ignoring you here:

They Don't Know That You Like Them

Before we get into this, ask yourself something: Does your crush definitely know that you like them? If not, they might not think that they're ignoring you because, to them, there's nothing to ignore. You might think that you've made yourself perfectly clear by gazing at them longingly and strategically placing yourself in their line of vision whenever you're in class together, but they might not have picked up on that. People can be a little, um, oblivious when it comes to dating--particularly teenage boys, if that is the demographic you have chosen to crush on--so you might have to be a little more straightforward than you think. So, let your crush know! Start talking to them more in class, send them some flirty texts, or, if you're feeling particularly ballsy, ask them out.

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They're Immature

It's totally possible that your crush is just immature. As in, like, they're bad at maintaining contact with you because they don't really know how, or don't know that you expect it. This is something you'll usually find in someone who doesn't have a lot of dating experience, or, possibly, just got out of a long-term relationship and doesn't know what new relationships entail. The good news is that it isn't necessary a fatal flaw for your two, since it's something that can be improved upon. But don't wait around forever--immaturity can be charming, but only for so long, you know?

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They're Playing Games

This one definitely falls under the "immature" umbrella, but it's worth noting separately because it's so common. It's possible that your crush has been ignoring you because they're trying to do some hard-to-get thing that might make them seem more desirable to you. This could include taking a long-ass time to respond to texts, watching your Instagram or Snapchat stories without responding  to a question you asked them, or only texting you at certain times. And, if you have been playing some games too--like waiting a certain amount of time before responding to a text--it's possible that they're just reciprocating. So, if that's the case, try to make things a little more straightforward on your end and see if their behavior improves as well. If not, just move on. They're not worth it.

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Something Is Going On In Their Life

This is a complicated one, because people will often use stress with school, work, or the ever-vague "family stuff" as a means of shrugging someone off gently. But, sometimes, it really is the case--people do get stressed with school, work, and family stuff. So, if they give you a "things have been really busy" line, wait it out for a week (or however long they said they'd be busy) before hitting them up again. If they seem genuinely into hanging out, great. If they're still busy, cut them loose.

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You Have Different Ideas Of What Relationships Require

Obviously, you and your probably crush aren't in, like, a defined, exclusive relationship relationship. But you still have some sort of relationship--in that you are two people who know each other and talk sometimes and have maybe hooked up--and you both might have different ideas of what is expected in this relationship. For you, it might entail texting every day. For them, it might entail only texting on certain occasions or when you're planning to hang out. This definitely shouldn't be a dealbreaker--some people just don't love texting, even in serious relationships--but it is something you should talk about, just so you can figure out if you can get on the same page about what you both expect.

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You Have Different Ideas On What Kind Of Relationship You're In

It's also totally possibly that you both have totally different definitions of what your relationship is. You might view it as something of a pre-relationship, dating situation, while they might see it as something totally casual. This is definitely something that you need to figure out, like, ASAP. Finding out some bad news can definitely sting, but it's better than pursuing something for a long time that ultimately isn't going to pan out.

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They're Just Not As Into It As You Are

Unfortunately, a lot of the time, your crush ignoring you points to one thing--they're not really feeling it right now. If your crush is straight-up ignoring your texts and won't make eye contact with you when you interact IRL, this is probably the case. This objectively sucks, like, a whole lot (it should be a rule that everyone in the world likes you as much as you like them!) but you can take comfort in knowing that it happens to a lot of people, and that there are definitely many people out there who will like you just as much as you like them.

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