7 Natural And Easy Ways To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

There’s a saying that goes, “the grass is greener on the other side,” and when it comes to us girls it’s painfully true – we see a pretty girl with curly hair walking down the street and think to ourselves, “Man, I wish my hair was curly,” when on the flip side that same girl sees you and thinks, “Man, I wish my hair was perfectly straight.” Humans will always want what they don’t have, but for the most part we can fake it until we make it; hair dye, colored contacts, and stilettos will bring you a long way.

But what about boobs?

You can’t just run down to the store, buy a box of “Boob-Grow,” and hope for the best results – us small-chested ladies gotta get crafty when it comes to making it look like we’ve got Cs or Ds when in reality we can barely fill out an A. But, of course, that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with being on the smaller side of the chest spectrum; in the end, it’s all about the look that YOU want to achieve. Happy with small boobs? Rock on. Happy with big boobs? Rock on. Unhappy with small boobs and want to try and make them look bigger? You guessed it – rock on. Sometimes, it’s okay to want what you don’t have, as long as it doesn’t become an obsession. If you want to play around with making your boobs look bigger, check out the tips below. Nothing’s foolproof, but it’s worth a try.

Try Boob Contouring

I do this ALL. THE. TIME. And honestly, it takes a little bit of practice (there have been several instances where I walked out in public without all my makeup fully blended and I looked like a zebra), but it’s well worth the payoff. The key is matching the contour makeup to your skin tone, however if you go and buy a contouring kit it does the work for you by giving you a variety of shades to experiment with. Again, YouTube is a great resource for details on how to do this makeup trick #flawlessly - this video is really helpful.

Wear The Right Clothes

Your clothing choice can make a difference when it comes to how big or small your boobs look. If you have small boobs and wear a baggy t-shirt, they aren't exactly going to stand out - or show up. Wearing a tighter piece of clothing is going to define them more. Cinching in your waist also makes the rest of your curves stand out more, so picking a clothing item with a fitted waist is a good idea. A v-neck accentuates the area more than, say, a scoop neck. A strapless top tends to smoosh boobs together and and make them look more flat. Wearing horizontal stripes can help, as can anything with ruching in that area. Actually, any kind of embellishment in the chest area can make boobs stand out more.

Chelsea28 Satin Wrap Camisole, $48, Nordstrom

Change Up Your Posture

This may seem like a “duh,” but if you walk around with your head held high and your chest loud and proud, your chest will reflect it. Slumping and slouching and slithering around on the ground will make them look droopy, even if they aren’t – just keep your shoulders back and your back straight, especially when wearing a low-cut shirt!

Use Duct Tape

This is another trick I frequently use since my boobs aren’t big enough to require a bra in public. All you have to do is get a strip of duct tape and place it on the outer side of one breast, then with your other hand pull your other breast in and then secure it with the other end of the tape. If that’s a little confusing, no worries – this video is a perfect example. Combined with contouring, your cup size can look up to twice as big! Heres' a helpful video on how to get this done.

Wear The Right Bra

This probably goes without saying, but a push-up bra can be a best friend for those of us who are card carrying members of the Itty Bitty Titty Club. When shopping for a bra, take your time and don’t rush it – be willing to sink an hour into the store trying on bras and seeing how they fit and make you look. Most lingerie stores have dedicated staff to helping you find the bra you’re looking for if you’re a little lost, just don’t be afraid to ask! BUT, if you’re looking for suggestions, try out one of the Bombshell Bras from Victoria’s Secret – they’re not kidding when they say they add two cup sizes. These bras are super padded, so, yes, you'll notice the padding, but they get the job done.

Bombshell Bra, $59.50, Victoria's Secret

Do Chest Exercises

Exercises like the bench press, seated machine press and incline dumbbell press can help add lift to your breasts by growing muscle underneath all the fatty tissue. So while you’re technically not making your boobs necessarily bigger by adding muscle, you are making them more visually appealing by making them perkier. If you’re not sure how to do any of these exercises there are plenty of how-to’s and examples on YouTube for beginners to get you started!

When In Doubt, Fake It

If you don’t like the duct tape trick, you can always put silicone cutlets into your bras to make your boobs appear larger. As long as you know you won’t be doing any activities that’ll dislodge the cutlets (as in, you shouldn’t wear these to the gym), these are a fairly easy way to improve your cleavage – just put them on the insides of your bra so that your natural breast is pushed up.

Silicone Shaping Inserts, $9.99, Amazon

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