15 Impressive Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes To Wear With Your BFF

Halloween is the perfect time to flex with your best friend. Everyone knows this. From cartoon costumes to Disney costumes to TV and movie character costumes, there is a wide range of costumes with which you can flex and, if you plan ahead, you can do it extremely well.

But that, of course, is pretty contingent upon that whole “planning ahead” thing. Most cool costumes require some brainstorming sessions, a few trips to the crafting store, and at least a few hours laboring over a costume. But not all of them! While many BFF costumes require a certain amount of labor and stress, this definitely is not the car with all of them. So, check out these last minute DIY costumes for BFFs: 

Arthur And Buster

Iconic! All you need is a yellow or blue sweater and animal ears.

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Chucky & Bride Of Chucky

Sure, it's not the most original thing in the world. But it's super recognizable, easy to put together with things you already have in your closet, and will probably do numbers on Instagram. What's not to love?

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Make your fave Food Network stars proud with this cook costume for BFFs. Well, maybe they won't be proud. I hear they can be picky. But it's an easy. cute, costume to put together.

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Salt And Pepper

Heh. On a similar food-related theme, here are some fun salt and pepper costumes. So, if you have some cardboard in your house, you know what you need to do.

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Thelma And Louise

Fun! Chances are good that you probably have a lot of these clothes in your closet already. If not, it shouldn't take more than a trip to Goodwill to complete it.

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The Girls From "The Shining"

This is a great costume for best friends because you get to hold hands all night! All you need to do is get matching blue dresses and splatter the front with some red paint.

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Daria And Jane

This is another iconic, super easy costume to put together--all you need is a blazer, black tank top, and a dour expression.

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Sensual Ghosts

What does this mean, exactly? Who knows! Who cares! It's great, and all you need is a bikini and some old bedsheets.

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God's Gift To Mankind

Sure, it's a little...extra. But isn't that what Halloween is all about? Plus, it's easy to put together--all you need is some wrapping paper and cardboard to make the label.

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Old People

Do you have access to some walkers? Or a cane? If so, you can pair it with some robes and pajama-type clothes, and you'll be the perfect pair of senior citizens.

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Kevin And Marcus From White Chicks

Heh. For this costume, break out your best business casual separates, put on a blonde wig, and grab an FBI badge. Everyone will love it!

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Gretchen And Spinelli From Recess

If you loved "Recess" when you were younger, grab your BFF and go as Gretchen and Spinelli from the show. It should be easy to find the accoutrements for each costume in your various costumes.

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Snapchat Filters

This is a super cute, SUPER easy costume to put together--all you need to do is make the filter out of some felt by following the tutorial below.

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Thing 1 And Thing 2

All you need for this costume is a red sweatshirt, paper circle, and Sharpies. You don't need to dye your hair blue, but if you want to pick up some spray dye from the drug store, it can't hurt.

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Wayne And Garth

You know, from "Wayne's World?" Excellent! Just put on some boyfriend jeans, a flannel, a trucker hat, and have your BFF do the same.

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