15 DIY Guy Halloween Costumes That Girls Should Wear

When you think about “typical” Halloween costumes, what comes to mind? I, personally, think of witches and black cats. You know, things that girls go as every year. No hate to those girls, of course, but there are some, uh, more fun costumes out there. Unfortunately, they are mostly for the dudes. You know – superheroes, badass warriors, cool princes. Yes, there are kick ass ladies that you can be, but there are also some “guy” costumes that you should consider. Who says you have to be a male to wear a certain costume? 

The beauty of Halloween is that you can be anything you want. Want to be a character that is normally portrayed by a dude? Go for it! Nothing is stopping you! There are some cute and clever guys costumes that you should consider wearing this year, if you want to go for something a little more unique than a witch (but if you do go as a witch, I’m sure you’ll look awesome). So, check out these guy costumes that you can totally rock this year. 

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