15 DIY Guy Halloween Costumes That Girls Should Wear

When you think about “typical” Halloween costumes, what comes to mind? I, personally, think of witches and black cats. You know, things that girls go as every year. No hate to those girls, of course, but there are some, uh, more fun costumes out there. Unfortunately, they are mostly for the dudes. You know – superheroes, badass warriors, cool princes. Yes, there are kick ass ladies that you can be, but there are also some “guy” costumes that you should consider. Who says you have to be a male to wear a certain costume? 

The beauty of Halloween is that you can be anything you want. Want to be a character that is normally portrayed by a dude? Go for it! Nothing is stopping you! There are some cute and clever guys costumes that you should consider wearing this year, if you want to go for something a little more unique than a witch (but if you do go as a witch, I’m sure you’ll look awesome). So, check out these guy costumes that you can totally rock this year. 

Frat Boys

This costume is funny because it's SO true. Every frat guy dresses like this, makes these poses, and for some reason, always holding a red solo cup. It's genius.


Napoleon And Pedro

This is a classic costume for you and your BFF if you want to relive 2004 pop culture. It's also a super easy costume to DIY.


Buzz And Woody

This a good BFF costume. Sure, you COULD be Jessie from the Toy Story movies, but this is cuter. You can even get the rest of your squad to be other toys. It's a good idea!


Marty McFly

I love this! Marty has such an iconic look, it's super easy to recreate. Plus, if Marty was a girl, it would probably make the Back To The Future series a lot better, TBH.


Link From Legend Of Zelda

When you think of Legend of Zelda costumes, you probably think about dressing as Princess Zelda, but Link has a cooler costume, IMO. It's easy and fun!


Mario And Luigi

Again, Mario and Luigi are another classic "guy" costume that girls should totally weird. Grab a red shirt and hat and you're good!



Starlord is so cool in Guardians of the Galaxy, I kind of want to be him this year. He also has an easy look- you just need to wear a red leather jacket and you've nailed it!


Disney Princes

Princess' are cute, but Princes are unique and fun! Pick your favorite Disney prince and channel him for Halloween this year. To make it more fun- wear a princess wig with it.



Screw Batman- Robin is where it's at. His costume is more fun anyway! Wear a red shirt over a green one, add a yellow cape and you're good.


Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is basically the easiest costume you could ever wear. All you need is a yellow shirt! Bonus if you can get someone to be your Snoopy.



Yes!!!! Hagrid is the best and this is a great costume. It's a unique  HP costume that will definitely be a hit.


Sirius Black

Sirius Black is also a overlooked character. Most people go for a Hermoine or Luna costume, but Sirius is also a great look.



Since there was so much controversy about the female Ghostbusters, why don't you be one for Halloween? It's a good way to say F you to all the men in your life who think girls can't do things like chase ghosts.


Dwight From The Office

I love this. Dwight is super recognizable (and annoying) which makes him a perfect person to dress up as.


Luke Danes

Of course, the ladies of Gilmore Girls make for a good costume, but Luke is sort of iconic with his flannel and baseball cap. It's an easy costume that I just might have to try this year.


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