9 Fictional Characters Who Shouldn’t Have Got The Girl (Or Guy)

Most movies or TV series end with some sort of dramatic romantic scene where the guy gets the girl (or the girl gets the guy), even after all of the crazy obstacles their relationship has faced. Sometimes, this coupling is well-deserved and makes you feel all of the warm, fuzzy emotions. Like during the series finale of Gilmore Girls (the first time around), when Lorelai and Luke kissed after months of being apart, and you felt victorious, like YOU were getting back together with your own long-lost love.

But then there are the fictional characters who get the girl (or guy) even though they really, really shouldn’t have. This is an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think Chuck deserved to end up with Blair at the end of Gossip Girl. They spent seasons fighting, being with other people, and feeling miserable. Chuck treated her terribly. She sat around and waited for him while he did whatever he wanted. And can we please not forget that in the first season he literally tried to rape Jenny and Serena? Anyway, Blair was a goddess and he didn’t deserve her. And that definitely isn’t the only fictional couple that shouldn’t have ended up having a happily ever after. Here are a few characters who shouldn’t have got the girl – or guy – taken from an Ask Reddit thread:

Jackie and Fez in That 70's Show

A lot of users felt that Jackie didn't deserve to end up with Fez - and that he didn't really deserve her either. User SAYMYNAMEYO says, "Jackie Burkhart and Fez. She only recently discovered her feelings for him and after he turned her down she deliberately tries to f*** with him out of spite. Then when he finally gets her back and tells her what she's needed to here from the beginning of the show, she proceeds to get offended, and acts he was in the wrong entirely. Then Fez basically feels bad and they end up getting together."

Ted and Robin in How I Met Your Mother

There was a HUGE debate about this on the Reddit thread! But, most users felt that Ted didn't deserve the ending he got. User Irishwoman94 says, "Ted Moseby. It ruined the whole series when the Mother, who was as apparently the great love of his life, who it took years for him to find, was just dismissed and killed off so he could bang Robin. Seriously, I rewatched the first episode and it summed up the series in a nutshell. Ted tells his kids about the amazing woman he met, how she's special and the love of his life. Only it's not their dead mom. It's Robin. If the focus of a whole series is about a guy telling his children about how he met their mother; it shouldn't end with him loving their mother. And my comment about the pilot summing it up was my was of saying there's no need to watch the whole series if you see the pilot. It starts with Ted wanting to bang Robin and ends with Ted wanting to bang Robin. The plotline literally never develops or changes beyond that point. Irregardless of storyline or character development or decent plotlines; it always comes back to Ted wanting to bang Robin."

Bella, Edward, and Jacob in Twilight

You can't talk about bad fictional characters without mentioning Twilight (sorry), so here it is: user RancidLemons says, "Twilight. All of the characters. All of them.

"Bella is a shitty person. She emotionally manipulates and destroys her poor doting father. She deliberately plays Edward and Jacob against one another to make them jealous then pouts and whines when they start fighting over her. Her idiotic actions endanger the lives of both boys and their families. She is literally one of the worst protagonists I've ever seen.

"Edward is a manipulative stalker who breaks into Bella's room, damages her car, and attempts to control her. He repeatedly threatens her life and puts her in dangerous situations.

"Jacob is a hyper-aggressive dickwad with delusions of grandeur. He attempts to fight Edward repeatedly for no reason other than fantastic racism. The vampires are practically docile toward the werewolves in comparison. Finally, he imprints upon and immediately prepares to court a effing baby." Yikes!

Adam Sandler and Anyone

PlayMoreExvius simply says, "Adam Sandler and every girl he casts to be his girl in every movie." It's true. I will admit to laughing at and even loving some Adam Sandler films, but man - in every movie, his character acts like an immature baby and treats women like crap, then he ends up with a gorgeous, amazing, generous female character who definitely deserves better.

Archie Andrews in Archie Comics

Okay, so this isn't about new Archie in Riverdale, but about original Archie in the comics. User nsnide says, "Archie Andrews, that no good two-timer who can't make up his mind." We actually don't know who Archie ended up with, but if he got either of these women, it's unfair - he treated them both badly.

Danny and Sandy in Grease

It's not a new thing to say that the premise of Grease is pretty effed up. But still: user -eDgAR- says, "Danny Zuko should not have gotten Sandy in Grease, their relationship was incredibly unhealthy." I love the movie, but even I have to admit they had a toxic AF relationship. Danny treated Sandy horribly, while she just did all she could to give him the benefit of the doubt - and then ended up changing to get his attention.

Jonathan and Nancy in Stranger Things

This one is a little different. User GoblinGrills says, "In a rare example of this being adverted, Jonathan Byers didn't end up "getting the girl" at the end of Stranger Things, and the story was better for it." User abortionlasagna adds, "That made me so mad at first and then I was actually glad they didn't do the thing I was expecting. They work so much better as friends, and two people can be friends without having to be in a relationship. I like that." The series isn't over, though, so we still don't know what could happen!

Mr. Big and Carrie in Sex and The City

I mean, come on. If you don't know this, I don't know what to say. A user who has since deleted their account said, "Mr Big. Sex & the City. Treated Carrie like shit for a hundred seasons, kept her wrapped around his finger, popped up to ruin her life every time she was starting to be happy and ruined her great relationship with Aiden." Yup!

Steve Urkel and Laura in Family Matters

Sorry, nerdy dudes - Urkel did not deserve Laura. User joeclark5 says, "Steve Urkel on Family Matters, spends nine seasons stalking Laura and not taking no for an answer, then they get engaged at the end of the series. Leonard could have done better than Penny, Alex for example. Bernadette could have done better than Howard too."

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