18 DIY Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect For Teenagers

There are lots of niche Halloween costumes out there whether you want to dress up as a mermaid, a unicorn, or something based on your sign. So, what if you don’t really have a clue what you want to be for Halloween? What if your main criteria is that you want a costume that’s appropriate for teenagers…and it’s something that you can DIY fairly easily?

The good news for you is that there are lots of brilliant Halloween costumes for teens that are fun, appropriate, and won’t take hours of complicated stitching. You can go the cute route, or maybe you can choose something that’s a little flirty. Or, maybe you want to spook out your friends. I have options for all of them, plus more. Have a look at 18 DIY Halloween costumes that are perfect for teens. Good luck trying to narrow down your options to one costume.


If your favorite fruit is a strawberry, you will probably love this costume. And if your fave fruit is something else, you will probably pretend it's a strawberry just so you have an opportunity to make this red dress with little white *seeds.*



Remember what we said about unicorns? Who doesn't want to be a unicorn every day of the year? On Halloween, you can really go for it with a pastel skirt, unicorn horn, and rainbow hair. If you don't feel like dyeing your hair, you can always wear a wig or use temporary hair dye.


Princess Anne

Everybody always wants to be Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but Princess Anne from Roman Holiday was just as stylish. If you're a fan of retro clothes, this is your Halloween costume. You will definitely be able to wear the clothes after your Halloween bash.


Wonder Woman

Yeah, yeah, I know that everybody is going to be dressing up as Wonder Woman this year, but is that a reason not to do it? Not exactly. Plus, this costume is a cool mix of the old Wonder Woman costume with a modern touch.



Who is going to pass up the opportunity to dress up like a mermaid? Just make sure you choose a skirt/fishtail that you can actually walk in. I know you might be very committed to the look, but you will still want to be able to walk around so you can grab all the candy.



Get those black and white face paints out. Then put on your bone sweater. Et voila, you're now a creepy-cool skeleton. It's up to you what you want to do with your hair.



Who's hungry for tacos? I'd like to point out that Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year which means you can simultaneously celebrate Halloween and Taco Tuesday with this costume. Please convince your BFF to be the Sriracha sauce. It adds to the, erm, spicy look.



If you're wearing this Tinkerbell costume, there's no way you will be sad. If you have a green dress in your closet, you can easily become Tinkerbell by adding some wings and styling your hair in a high bun. Easy-peasy.


Hogwarts Witch

You could be Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, or some other popular character from Harry Potter. Or, you could go a different route and be yourself attending Hogwarts. Grab your wand, wear a school uniform, and do not forget to wear a scarf in your house's colors. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to pretend they're in Gryffindor.



You may not have lived through the 1920s, but at least you can pretend you did with a flapper costume. You'll earn bonus points if you spend the night doing the Charleston. Just make sure you spray your hair with an extra-strong hairspray so those curls don't drop.


Pink Lady

Yeah, the Pink Ladies from Grease may not have been the best role models, but they still make a great costume. Grab a couple of people from your squad, get some pink jackets and applique *Pink Ladies* across the back of them. It's up to you if you want to sing Grease songs all night.



Flower power! This is a great solo or group costume. Repurpose that floral crown you wore to all your summer festivals for this sweet look. Add a few more fake flowers and a watering can, and you're golden....or should I say blooming.



Daria has already become something of a style icon so why not embrace her look on Halloween? You might just find yourself wanting to wear round glasses, green blazers, pleated skirts, and never wanting to smile after October 31.


Creepy Doll

What is it about doll costumes that can be creepy AF? Luckily, you don't need to go to too much effort to create a freaky look. Put on a cute dress and mess up your hair. Then add some cracks and blood to your makeup look.


Regina George

You might think it's cheating to dress up as a high school student when you're in high school, but dressing up as Regina George from Mean Girls is too fun to pass up. Plus, you can get your friends involved by convincing them to be the other Plastics. Grool.


Holly Golightly

For all the people who want another Audrey Hepburn look, here's arguably her most popular character. You won't have to tell people that you're Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. As soon as they see the black dress and the fabulous sunglasses, they will know. Trust me.



Megara from Hercules is not appreciated enough. That's a shame considering she had amazing hair and the prettiest purple dress. Show her some love this Halloween with a cool costume like this. You'll probably want to wear the dress after October 31.



Grab your box of Eggos so you can be Eleven from Stranger Things. If you have longer hair, you can go with this version. If you're feeling really committed to the look, you can always shave your head. I dare you. Another option is that you can rock a bald cap.


Do you know what you want to be for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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12 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes To Wear Based On Your Sign

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