8 Signs That Your Crush Is Over You

I don’t know about you, but when I’m crushing on someone, I am looking for any sign, big or small, about whether my crush might actually feel the same way about me. You probably have your eagle eyes doing the same thing. After all, the ultimate thing for a crush is that they feel the same way about you so you end up in a relationship, right?

While it’s great to focus on signs of a possible romantic connection, you should also keep an eye out for signs that your crush isn’t into you. I know that it’s painful just to think about, never mind actually see, but it will actually help you in the long run. It’s a wise idea to look for any little clues so you can figure out whether to pursue a relationship or go focus your energy on someone who deserves you.

If you thought that your crush might have feelings for you for awhile but you don’t feel like it’s going anywhere, it’s also wise to look out for signs that your crush might have moved on. Take a look at eight signs that your crush might be over you.

Your Crush Doesn't Respond To Your Texts

Remember the good days when you and your crush would text each other back and forth for hours? Now, are you lucky when you get a reply? And when your crush does reply, is it normally a two or three word response with no emoji? Chances are your crush doesn't suddenly hate technology. It's more likely that he/she has moved on.

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Your Crush Stops Confiding In You

If you felt like there was something there with your crush because he/she would confide in you as much as you would confide in him/her then it stops, you need to figure out why. It could be that your crush needs some personal space or is going through something, but it could also be that your crush doesn't want your relationship to go any further.

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Your Crush Starts Treating You Like A Buddy Or Sister

Did you find that your crush used to be flirty with you, but now you're clearly ending up in the friend zone? Maybe you've even ended up in the sister zone with your crush telling you that you're like a sister to him/her. While it's great that your crush values your opinion and company, it's clear that the crush stage is over.

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Your Crush Never Makes The First Move

Did you think that your crush was feeling something for you because your crush would make moves? Would your crush text you about how your day was or ask you to hang out, but now you don't get any of that? Is the only time when you speak/do anything with your crush when you actually make the move? This could be a sign that the crush is over.

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Your Crush Starts Talking To You About Other People

You and your crush might have chatted about your mutual friends before, if you share some, but have you found your crush talking about other people more lately? Or, has your crush started talking about other people you don't know, and you get the feeling that it's not because your crush thinks you two would make good friends? Your crush might also want to know more info from you about someone you know to figure out whether he/she is a good match. I know it sucks to hear your crush talk about others, but it might be his/her way of subtly letting you know he/she has moved on.

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Your Crush's Body Language Has Changed

Did you always have an eye out for any subtle flirty body language with your crush? Did you take notice of the way your crush leaned into you or how he/she would sit with his/her arm pressed against yours? If that has changed and there now seems to be a lot more personal space between your crush, something could be up.

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Your Crush Starts Hinting About Making Changes

Have you noticed that all of a sudden your crush seems to be all about introspection, making changes to his/her life, and doing things for the future? And are all the thoughts focused on him/her as opposed to other people? This could be another subtle sign that your crush has moved on from you and is looking somewhere else for a relationship. Sorry.

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Your Crush Visibly Checks Out Other People In Front Of You

Yes, I know that this one is especially painful to witness, but it is something to be aware of. If you crush doesn't devote all of his/her attention to you when you're having a conversation because he/she is too busy staring at someone else, it's a pretty clear sign he/she has moved on. Go find someone else who is worthy of your time and who respects you enough to only focus on you.

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What signs do you look for in your crush to figure out whether they’re interested? Let us know in the comments!

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