24 Genius DIY Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

It’s fun to coordinate costumes and dress up with other people for Halloween, whether you’re doing a big, elaborate group costume, or something with your best friend or significant other. But sometimes it’s fun to just do something on your own, not to mention a whole lot easier. With a group or two-person costume, you have to worry about pleasing everyone, and you’ll end up arguing about who gets to be the “best” character/person. When it’s just you, however, you don’t have to argue with anyone. You can make all the decisions, you can wear whatever you want, and you don’t need to stick by someone’s side all night so that your costume makes sense.

If you’ve decided to just dress up on your own, great! If you really want to make a splash, opt for a pop culture costume. They’re recognizable and lovable, and they’re fun and relatively simple (sometimes). The only problem is that it can feel like every good pop culture costume is now overdone, and no one likes to dress up in something three other people are going to be wearing. There’s enough DIY costume competition out there! Here are a few genius pop culture costume ideas that you haven’t thought of before, because being original always wins:

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