8 Embarrassing Questions About Your First Kiss, Answered

If you haven’t had your first kiss yet, I feel relatively confident in assuming that it’s something you think about pretty frequently. (Or, if you weren’t thinking about it before, you probably are now. It’s sort of like The Game in that way.) (Sorry.) You might think about when it’s going to happen for you, you could think about how and where it’s going to happen for you, and, most importantly, who you’re going to be having your first kiss with.

Now, your first kiss could come relatively early in your life, or it could come on the later side. Either way, at least one thing is certain about it–when it happens, chances are good that you’re going to have no idea what to do. And that’s fine! In fact, that’s basically what first kisses are for. And, leading up to it, you probably have some kissing-related questions, too. This is where I come in! So, check out some embarrassing questions you (probably) have about your first kiss, answered:

Will The Person I'm Kissing Know It's My First Kiss?

Nah. I mean, you can definitely let them know beforehand if that would make you more comfortable, but they won't know that you're a kissing virgin the second your lips touch theirs.  Plus, it's always possible that they haven't kissed anyone either, so it's not like they're going to be hyperfocused on what you're doing. So, just relax and follow their lead, and you'll be totally fine.

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When, Exactly, Am I Supposed To Close My Eyes?

If you have ever listened to the wise words of Bruno Mars in the hit song "Grenade," you will know that kissing with one's eyes "wide open" is a pretty big no-no. But when do you close them? As with most other things on this list, don't overthink this. Keep your eyes open when you lean in for the kiss--you know, so you don't bang heads or miss their lips completely or anything--and close them right before your lips are about to touch. If you're really not sure what to do, just mirror your partner.

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When Do I Start Using Tongue?

Whenever you're comfortable with it! Like, in general, you shouldn't lean in and immediately stick your tongue straight into your partner's mouth. (You don't know how sensitive their gag reflex is!) Instead, start off with a closed-mouth kiss. If you want, you can end it there. If you want to go for a little more of an ~intense~ tongue kiss, open your mouth slightly and see how your partner reacts. If they seem into it, you can follow their lead and go for some more heavy-duty Frenching.

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What Am I Supposed To Do With My Hands?

If I am going to be totally honest with you all here, I must say that I often find that it is tough to know what to do with one's hands in pretty much all aspects of life. So, when it comes to kissing, the hand thing, at first, seems especially difficult. But! The good news is that it is not, in fact, all that difficult--you can either put your hands on your partner's waist or around their neck. If you're feeling wild, you can run your hands through their hair. Don't think too much about it! Once you get into the rhythm, it won't be as big of an issue as you might have thought before.

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What Should Be On My Lips?

If you have time to plan ahead of time, I'd opt for a light lip balm or a non-sticky gloss rather that straight-up lipstick or traditional gloss. But if you don't have time to plan for your first kiss, and find that it's about to happen when you're wearing your best, brightest red lipstick, don't sweat it.  Even if your lipstick ends up all over their mouth, you can both laugh it off. It's not a big deal.

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Can I Practice Beforehand?

Sure. If you have some stuffed animals in your room, you can practice on them.  Or, you could always practice making out with the heel or back of your hand. Once you kiss someone for the first time, you'll realize that the practice doesn't really feel the same as real kissing does, but it can help build up your confidence. So, if you want, give practice kissing shot!

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What If I Hate It?

Well, if it's your first kiss, you can just chalk it up to it being a new and unfamiliar experience. It's also possible that your partner isn't that great of a kisser, or that you two simply aren't compatible as kissers. So, try again! Or not. It's up to you. Either way, you can feel pretty secure in knowing that kissing will almost certainly get better for you as time goes on.

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How Do I End The Kiss?

You'll know when it's time--either you'll be slightly out of breath, your mouth will feel a little dry, or you'll just be tired. No matter what your reason is, just lean back slightly if you want to end it. As long as it isn't abrupt, you'll be good.

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