8 Embarrassing Questions About Your First Kiss, Answered

If you haven’t had your first kiss yet, I feel relatively confident in assuming that it’s something you think about pretty frequently. (Or, if you weren’t thinking about it before, you probably are now. It’s sort of like The Game in that way.) (Sorry.) You might think about when it’s going to happen for you, you could think about how and where it’s going to happen for you, and, most importantly, who you’re going to be having your first kiss with.

Now, your first kiss could come relatively early in your life, or it could come on the later side. Either way, at least one thing is certain about it–when it happens, chances are good that you’re going to have no idea what to do. And that’s fine! In fact, that’s basically what first kisses are for. And, leading up to it, you probably have some kissing-related questions, too. This is where I come in! So, check out some embarrassing questions you (probably) have about your first kiss, answered:


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