15 Unique Light Up Costumes Nobody Will Have

When it comes to Halloween costumes, there is a lot of pressure to stand out and be unique. You want to be the one that everyone is talking about, you want to have a costume nobody else will have, and you also want to look good. All of these are valid reasons to have a cool Halloween costume! The problem is that it’s hard to be something unique and original. Everything you think of has probably been done, and while there is nothing wrong with wearing a common costume, you want to get ~noticed~ this year! I get that, and I’m going to help you out.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen some pretty awesome costumes that incorporate LED lights. LED lights, if  you don’t know, are those little string lights that are battery powered, AKA you can bring them places or attach them to things. This means you can make your costume literally light up, which is pretty unique. You could wear lights on your head for a cool crown look, make a light up choker (why not!) or try any of these unique LED light costumes that nobody else will have. You’re welcome! 

Galaxy Queen

A pretty way to bring lights into your costume is to be a ~galaxy queen~ with a pretty space dress. Add some stars and LEDs to a purple dress (doesn't have to be this fancy) and you'll stand out for sure.


Fairy Dress

This dress is SO beautiful and while it looks pretty hard to make, you can probably skip a few steps to make it a more DIY-friendly project.


Rain Cloud

I am low key obsessed with this costume and might use this idea, TBH. Add some lights to an umbrella, cover it in cotton balls, add some strings for "rain" effect.


Storm Cloud

For a spookier look, try being a storm cloud. Same idea as the rain cloud, but you wear darker clothes and look a little more evil.


LED Headbands

This is a cute and quick idea for a school-friendly costume. You can make cute little cat ears for a unique take on a basic costume, or make yourself a "BOO" crown!



Team up with your bestie for this one, and be some glowing jellyfish this year. It's unique and fun!


Star Girl

This is so pretty, I'm obsessed. Add some lights to a sheer dress or skirt, then make a star headband. Put some glitter on your face and you'll look like a cosmic queen.


Victorian Constellation Dress

I don't know what this costume is supposed to be, but it's really effing pretty!



Spooky! Pretty! I don't know which adjective to use. If you get a large plastic bowl, line it with LEDs, then put it on your head, you've got a pretty unique costume.


Candy Queen

Sure, it's a little excessive, but it's pretty cool! Make a costume of candy wrappers and add an LED cane and crown. You can even give out candy if you REALLY want to get into character.


Mabel from Gravity Falls

Honestly, this is really effing cute. Mabel is a pretty quirky character, but this costume fits her look so well.


LED Flower Crown

You can easily make these little things- just buy some LED lights and glue them to your flower crown for a super unique look.



LOL, I mean, if you want to go for a ~quirky~ look, this sharknado costume will definitely help you out.



I don't really know why, but this is a popular look for people who go to raves, and it can make for a fun halloween costume. If you wear a light up bra with a sheer shirt, you'll look definitely stand out.


Human Glow Stick

I mean, why not? It's a costume that will definitely get people talking!


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