7 Basic Things You Need To Remember When Applying For College

College applications are hard. I do not miss applying to college, and if you are going to be doing that soon, I’m so sorry. It’s stressful and overwhelming and overall a bad time. Unfortunately, it’s important if you want to, like, go to college. Obviously. That being said, you want to make sure you do everything right when it comes to your college application so that you can get into a good school and earn a good degree. It’s a lot of pressure, I know!

The only good part of this process is that so many people have done it before, and they can give important advice that may just help get you into college. There are even some people who work for school admissions that are willing to help. In a recent Reddit thread, one user asked for advice from people who reviewed college applications. They said: “people who check University Applications- what do students tend to ignore/put in, that would otherwise increase their chances of acceptance?” The responses had a lot of really good points that I wouldn’t have thought of. Even though my college application days are over, it’s important for you guys to know these things when applying for college. So, check them out and good luck!

Apply To Your Dream School No Matter What

I didn't do this, since I knew I wouldn't get in, but I sort of regret it! It's always worth a shot, even if the school is expensive or a reach for you. Shmadorable said, "Don't be afraid to apply to your dream school just because you can't afford it. They may be able to give you more help than you realize."

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But You Don't Have To Rule Out Other Schools

Kickstand said,"Also, going to your dream school is in itself not necessarily going to make your future. An ambitious student at a middling school can do better than an aimless student at a top school." This is important! You don't HAVE to go to your dream school if you get in. In fact, you might end up going somewhere else and loving it.

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Talk About Yourself

The school you're applying to wants to know about YOU, period. Don't write a whole essay on what you like about their college. Mathwin said, "Never write about the school you're applying to. Write about yourself. Who are you, what do you have to offer, what motivates you, who will you be one day? Seriously. The admissions people anywhere see a dozen apps a day that talk about how good the school is, or its history, or its alumni, etc. They've seen all of it before, and none of that means a damn thing when it comes to what you will bring to the school."

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Remember Your Recommendation Letter

It's okay to be picky about who you want to write your recommendation letter. Just be sure you ask them with enough time! PM-Me-your-passwords said, "if you want a good letter of rec, you need to give your teacher at least a month of notice, if not more. No better way to get a shitty generic letter then to ask for it next week."

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Beware Of Your Email Address

This is something I never thought about...but it totally makes sense! Adj1 said, "Do not use an email address that you use with friends. Thinking that MLPlover69@whatever will not be noticed or recognized as a My Little Pony enthusiast is naive." By the time you apply to college, it's time for you to have a "professional" email address.

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Explain Poor Grades

Most colleges give you a space to explain your poor grades, which can be super helpful. Clangeroo said, "I'm expecting you to have reasonably good grades, so I'm probably scanning your grades for 'mistake' grades that you need to explain elsewhere. Why did you get that D? What classes are your weaker classes? if you got below a C- in a class, you probably need to explain that to me." It's okay to get bad grades, but you need to explain why. Maybe you didn't work hard enough, but you learned from it. Tell them that!

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Get Creative

AurumEmerity said, "Don't just be a resume filler. One year in the environmental club, one year in the history club, one year in the robotics club, etc. shows your just trying to con your way in. Find something you really enjoy and stay devoted to it. Show y you're willing to put in work for something you care about, not just go through the motions." You don't just want to be a boring applicant. Show them that you are a unique person with a ton of interests! They are more likely to want you.

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