8 Adult Things That Don’t Actually Mean That You’re Mature

It’s safe to say that oftentimes when you’re young, you always want to be older. We spend our childhoods pretending that we’re playing house, trying on mom’s lipstick and high heels, and getting frustrated when we’re once again stuck at the little kids table during holiday dinners. Seeming older and more mature becomes a lot more attractive when you’re a teenager especially; on the brink of adulthood but still ID’d as a kid and yearning for more freedom, respect, and general fun times that you just can’t experience when you have a curfew and overprotective parents. So we decide to mimic what we consider adult to score maturity points, or we do things we think are mature and hope we seem more adult. The problem is that…these milestones seem like they scream maturity, but oftentimes, they don’t.

Like, just because you’re now the proud owner of a thong, doesn’t make you a crowning jewel of maturity, sis. It means that you own a thong. That’s…it.

Look, we’re all guilty of doing things we think make us look grown, and maybe we’ll fool some people along the way. But overall, these markers don’t really mean anything at the end of the day and won’t make you a more mature person. There are loads of other qualities that signify maturity: Owning up to your mistakes, gaining some empathy, doing your damn laundry. Having sex? Not so much. Check out these eight “adult” things that don’t actually make you mature, because it’s time for a serious reality check.

Buying Sexy Underwear

So you got that super sexy lace thong or that red push up bra that makes your boobs look awesome. Cool. Congrats. But, uh, not to burst your bubble or anything but...you're no more mature or sexually advanced because you own a piece of cloth that goes up your butt or some fabric that makes your boobs look bigger. Like I said in the intro, you're not the queen of maturity just because you own a thong. There are people who own nothing but ugly granny panties who are arguably more mature than the 11-year-old who went to Victoria's Secret for the first time. In other words, don't get too hype over some undies.

Big Mouth


Getting wasted at a high school party doesn't make you mature. If anything, it makes you look immature because it's clear that you don't have enough life experience to know your limits when it comes to alcohol. On that note, it's worth pointing out that there are adults who are immature drinkers and don't know when to put the bottle down. Having a mature, safe approach to drinking doesn't depend on age.

The OC

Wearing Makeup

The idea that wearing makeup is a status of maturity is pretty funny, because there are few things more immature than believing that wearing makeup makes you more mature. Maturity is more than just skin deep, sis.


Having A Boyfriend

Think back to how many people in your fifth grade class had a so-called boyfriend. Would you say that a 10-year-old going on "dates" to the movies--courtesy of mom dropping them off, of course--makes them grown? Right, well, having a boyfriend when you're 13, 15, 17, or beyond doesn't make you a mature person by default. Maturity can definitely be measured in a relationship, however. If your relationship involves a lot of communication and trust, you're on the right track. But having a relationship alone? Pfft, yeah, right. There are so many immature people in relationships it's not even funny.

My So-Called Life

Having An Older Boyfriend

When you're a teenager with an older boyfriend, it's only natural to feel like you must be mature for your age. Why else would a grown man be into you? Well, even adults aren't that mature, and some dudes are straight up creepy and like to hit on people in the "I'm-not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman" age range. That's not to say that you're not smart, cool, and precocious AF. You probably are. But having an older boyfriend isn't a surefire sign that you're somehow more mature than the average girl your age.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Having Sex

Please, the girl in your class who has already given a blowjob isn't the queen of maturity just because she put her mouth on some guy's junk. And don't delude yourself into thinking that you're so grown up just because you have sex with your boyfriend. Did your boyfriend even know what he was doing beyond the ol' in out? Did you feel fulfilled? Did you communicate with him if you didn't? Yeah, maturity has nothing to do with whether or not you had intercourse. Maturity when it comes to sex has a lot more to do with how you two communicated, empathized with each other, and actually accomplished any mutual pleasure.

My Mad Fat Diary


We all know people smoke to look cool, but just so you know...when you're young and smoking a cigarette, you're just...young and smoking a cigarette. Inhaling and exhaling a bunch of chemicals doesn't make you look like an adult, period.


Being A Bossy Monster

You have someone in mind already, don't you? That one girl who acts like she's queen of the universe and is a total bossy monster, the queen B of your school, soccer team, debate team, etc. I assure you that she thinks she's really mature just because she can take charge and make people feel small. Yeah, uh, that doesn't make someone mature...it makes them an a-hole. Hopefully I'm not describing your right now, but if I am...yikes. Do better, girl!


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